Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interviews Done - and Found Pictures

The interviews are over - and holy moly, those were arduous! I had two interviews with two people in them each (this was what I wore to their Job Fair last month), then a writing test, a search online and get info test AND a typing test (60 wpm - woo! I still got it!).

And I know you've been dying to know what I wore:
It's pretty conservative for me - but since the job is at a casual-dress environment, I thought I'd punch up the standard suit (which would be inappropriately overdressed) with some colour and by doing a funky little jacket instead of black.

I ended up wearing the jacket open all day. Of course, this morning I didn't think to take a picture of that, but here's the look without the jacket:
I have very leaky 'pits so I didn't want to take the jacket off!

Anyway, I think the interview went well. I am doing it all by the book and have handwritten two little thank you cards (a yellow zebra pattern card and a blue celtic knot pattern card) to send to each of the interview pairs, thanking them for their time. I know they're interviewing a lot of people, so I want to make a positive impression.

The stuff:
I thought blue suede shoes would stand out and be memorable, without being too scary, like these or these! I'll save those for when/if I get hired!

I kept the jewelry to a bare minimum, just wearing my good luck rings:
The silver one is one I bought in Scotland before L and I got married, and the gold one is my dad's. I always wear it when I feel like I need him looking out for me.

Thank you everyone for all your good vibes, wishes of luck and your general support. Fashion Blog Nation is truly full of wonderful, generous people. I'll keep you posted if I hear back.

Jacket (Smart Set), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Feet First), silver ring (handmade in Scotland, 90s), gold ring (Frances Jewellers, vintage 60s, Dad's).

Change of track...

L often needs to use our camera to take work pictures - he usually takes it to work and downloads the pics there. Last night I asked him to just take the memory card out so that I could use the camera to do my pics before work this morning...and we found some pictures on the camera's built-in memory. These were taken just before I started blogging in the spring of 2008.
Aw...our kitty, Othello. He's sitting on the back of the chair (L is playing X-Box, cropped out). He always liked to just hang out near us.
We called this "sneetching" - a kitty position that reminded us of Dr. Seuss' sneetches.

I got a little tear seeing those. I miss my cranky ol' kitty.


  1. You look amazing and I'm sure you'll land the right job! :) Good call on the thank you notes. I interview people all the time and those little touches do matter.

    Such a sweet cat!

  2. That's a fun interview outfit! I love how much thought you put into each piece. I hope everything went well today and that you get good news soon! :)

  3. You look great and confident. I'm glad the interviews went well. Now the wait begins.

    Love the Othello pics very sweet. It's nice to have those memories and pictures. It makes me miss, Bella, Pebbles and Dan.

  4. Congrats on making it through! I think you picked the perfect outfit. I love the blue shoes. Goodluckgoodluck! I hope it works out for you.

  5. Perfect outfit for the occasion and smart move with the cards. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  6. It's been too long since I've visited!! Love the look :)

  7. Sheila, you looked FANTASTIC! Just the perfect blend of serious interview and Sheila style. I would hire you in a heartbeat, and I do a lot of hiring.

    Awww, Othello. It's so hard. I miss Sophie quite a lot too. Hang in there, hon.

  8. I love your jewel tones Sheila, the fuschia and the shoes. Don't ever stop missing your kitty, to me they are our little people and they have the right to be remembered too.

    Many good wishes for your job search.

  9. Oh great news! I was on vacation, so I missing the initial posts about this, but congrats on the interviews!! Fingers crossed, but I think u looked great! :-)

  10. That's a great jacket! I spent part of my morning watching What Not To Wear, so the minute I saw your outfit I thought: "And that's how you break up a suit!" with Stacy's voice in my head! Perfect balance of "take me seriously" and "I've done my research and know how to fit into your work place!" I love that you are writing Thank You notes, and not just emails! Hope you hear back soon!

  11. Good luck with the job! Perfect outfit for an interview (what a torture!!!)

    Sweet sweet Othello!

  12. I love the mix of colors in your interview outfit. I think it it's hard to get interview outfits right -- a little interesting but not TOO interesting. The shoes are the perfect touch, I think. Good luck -- I hope you get it!

  13. You looked marvelous for your interviews! Please keep us posted.

    And it must've been so bittersweet to find those old photos. Dear Othello.

  14. Wearing that ring is like having your Dad holding your hand when you need the extra support. I'm happy that the interview went well for you.

    That is a great interview outfit! You could have worn the T-strap without scaring anyone though. The orange? I agree with you and wait until you have the job.

  15. The blouse is wonderful - glad you opened your jacket for the day :)

    The thank yous sound memorable ... a "just right" touch.

    I shall try to follow your example in selecting the outfit and accessories in which to deliver my speech tomorrow.

  16. Thanks, Freeda! I've never done notes before but I really want one of the two jobs. Good to know.

    Thanks, Anne! Fingers crossed. :)

    Alison, thank you! I know, it was such a bittersweet thing to find the photos. I love them.

    Megan, thanks!

    Shybiker, thanks - I appreciate that.

    Londyn, it has! I need to come visit you again soon.

    Thanks, Kristen! That means a lot to me. *hugs for our lost kitties*

    Lesa, thanks, and I totally agree.

    Bianca, so nice to see you. :) Thank you!

    Thanks, Cara! Ha! Yes, I rarely wear my suits together. Emails are too easy, in my opinion, and lack that personal touch.

    Thanks, Tanya!

    Hi, Ketura, thank you so much for visiting and commenting! Thanks for your good wishes!

    Thanks, Sal! Yes, it was - I still miss my old kitty.

    Jen, exactly, just when I need it, he's there. I'll have to ease any workplace into my style before I go all wacky, hee hee.

    Thanks, Rebecca! Good luck with your speech!

  17. That outfit is incredible... I want it to wear to my job! Conservative enough to mean business, but definitely not dull... perfect!
    Good luck!

  18. I think that's the perfect interview outfit! Excellent choice, I love it and it looks fabulous on you! And I think blue suede shoes were a very good call.

    Aww cute pics of Othello.

  19. Thanks, 'doll (I'm calling you that from now on)!

    Thanks, Sherylyn! I had to rock the shoes. Yeah, isn't he a lovely boy? I miss him.

  20. Aw, your sweet kitty was adorable. I still get weepy when I see pictures of my last dog even though she passed away over 10 years ago.

    I love your interview outfit! It is conservative for you, but definitely shows your typical punches of color and love of pattern, and I'm sure that it also conveyed your spunk and confidence. Best of luck in the interview results!

  21. I am a huge fan of this interview outfit! Profesh yet with personality. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you hear good news soon!

  22. Thanks, Kari - yeah, I don't think I'll ever not miss him. Thank you! I hope the outfit pays off!

    LaHdeM, thank you! Fingers crossed! Maybe this week.

  23. Hi Sheila,

    Your outfit is great (as always), but I *really* want to commiserate with you about "leaky pits". I, too, have excellent thermoregulation, which can be socially awkward, not to mention challenging for my laundress (ummmm, that would be me). I recently bit the bullet and bought a pack of self-sticking, disposable "Underarm Shields". They are great, and I only wish I had started using them years ago! I'm not sure how many producers there are out there, but I got mine from the Kleinert's website. They have lots of options, and as I said, I am very pleased with the ones I've used so far.

    Best of luck with the interviews!

  24. Arya, hi! and thank you so much for commenting. I think I'm actually going through peri-menopause (one 'pit is leakier than the other, lol). Thank you SO much for the info - I will look for those!

  25. Arya, this is the best website ever! I've been looking for stuff like this. I have the same problem. Like you Sheila, I've having hot flashes a lot lately too. I'm going to have to see what other things they offer...

  26. Sheila and Alison ~ I bought the "starter kit" for women. ;) I haven't tried the washable, re-usable ones yet, but the disposables are great!


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