Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cranes, Lack of Purple and a Third Interview

Note: edited this post to correct it - it's cranes on the sweater, not storks! Thanks, Steph!

I really wish there was more coordination about these "Wearing of Purple" days and such. I hate being the last to the party - so I will be wearing my purple tomorrow in support of LGBT folks.

Anyway, moving along, all sort of good vibes have been thrown my way lately, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you to you the wonderful readers, co-bloggers, Style Nation, what-have-you, and my dear friends, for all your suport and encouragement - I got a third interview!

I also think a contributing factor that pushed the vibes over the edge was this ace interview-ish outfit I wore today:
Seriously, I wish I could wear this exact outfit to an interview, but I'm sure I can find something else for my interview on Monday - it's not like I have a paucity of clothing, hee hee, oh no.

It's the same company that I interviewed with last week and that had the job fair - however, I didn't get either of the two jobs I applied for.

But they called me today, said they had a little meeting about me and think I would be great in another job, and can I come in for an interview on Monday for that. First, I ascertained that no, I would not have to do another typing test (seriously, dude, I've worked in admin for a decade, I can type), and secondly, I said, "All these interviews - you know, you're going to have to hire me."

'Cause I'm saucy like that. And I really want to work for this company.
I'm showing off the cranes on my cardigan. How much do I love patterns that go all the way around?? This cardi also has detail on the sleeve cuffs. So sweet. Last worn here (same cami underneath), here, and here.

The stuff:The green cami picks up the green in the embroidery, and the shoes go with the itty-bitty red on the crane's head.

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Nygard, consignment), shoes (Feet First, thrifted), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop).


  1. I once had something like that happen to me: I applied and interviewed for one job, and they ended up offering me a second. The only issue was that I wanted the part-time after school position, and they were offering me a full-time salaried position. Hopefully that goes well! I love the sassiness you had!!

  2. They had a meeting about you? How awesome is that! Good luck on your next interview - I hope it works out! I love the print of your skirt with the red shoes.

  3. "Saucy" -- what a great word and a great thing to be! Yes, it certainly describes you.

  4. First of all... you look fabulous.
    Well, how could you not. You are SHEILA and you are wearing houndstooth.... yay !!!!!
    I really like that stork sweater and how it matches perfrctly...
    SO HAPPY ON the 3rd interview... yes, I think they have something good for you!

  5. Fabulous skirt and congrats on the 3rd interview! You can do it. =D

    I totally missed anything about the 'wear purple' for spirit day until after it had passed. DX

  6. Great sweater, great skirt, great shoes, great Scott!
    I love this whole outfit, from the head to the toes. I absolutely understand why you'd want to wear it to the interview. It's a retro-yet-fresh sexy librarian look.
    But Monday will be a new day, begging for a new ensemble that will impart it's own righteous vibes into the atmosphere! You will wow them!
    They really do sound like they want to hire you- hopefully, they are working dilligently to create the perfect job for you, so that it will be a most fantabulous union! That's what I am betting on.

  7. A third interview after they had a meeting about you and decided they had a job they thought you would suit perfectly? You must have made a monumental impression on them! Good luck on Monday - third time lucky! And your outfit is wonderful. Love the way you have styled the cardie. And because you can never have too much - extra good luck for Monday!

  8. Oh Sheila!! You certainly made a great impression on them. I'm so happy to hear of the 3rd interview. I will be thinking about on Monday! You look so cute today, I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome and memorable for Monday. Nice to have the weekend to think about it.

  9. Sheila, called back after all that--you so have a job!!

    Lovin the storks!


  10. Good luck with your interview. That sweater is gorgeous ....I have a machine that embroiders I should try and do that on a sweater....You look great love the pop of green also ~Heather

  11. I hope you get the job! I can't wait to see what perfect outfit you choose, though that skirt IS pretty perfect. Anyway, good luck.

  12. ya ya ya ya!! fingers crossed, etc. on the job stuff!

    what a beautiful outfit. speaking of saucy, pretty funny putting 'storks' in your post title (ha!). however, not meaning to be a n a l - but - those look more like cranes than storks. either bird is truly wonderful, but the red head spot is a crane thing....cranes are esp. cool from the clothes point of view because they have great bustles. and they are a tremendous good-luck bird too!!! best! steph

  13. Cara, it's a great feeling, isn't it? Thanks so much!

    Anne, I know! So exciting! Thank you!

    Ralph, that's what my husband calls me. :)

    Lorena, thanks, hon!

    Thanks, Megan! I wore my purple today/Friday.

    Rita, thanks! I know, I'm already thinking about my outfit...what will it be?? I am trying to stay calm and study for this interview, but it does feel really positive.

    Baxter, I sure hope so! Thanks so much!

    Alison, it feels so good to know that I made an impression - I always find myself questioning myself afterwards. I know, whatever will I wear? Thanks!

    Lesa, thanks!

    Heather, thank you so much (and thank you for commenting!). Go for it!

    Thanks, Julia!

    Steph, I know, I had written cranes and thought they were cranes. Thanks for catching that! Thanks for your support - I really appreciate it.

  14. Yay on the extra interview! *crossing fingers*.

    I would love to see a closeup of the embroidery. I'm drooling over the cardigan already... I bet its even better close-up. Love the whole outfit, of course.

  15. That is a great outfit; very professional but still a whole lot of fun.

    It's a great sign that they like you enough to call you in for a different job; clearly you made an impression on them! (And I say this as an ex-recruiter who still handles lots of hiring now.) Good luck; I will be thinking of you on Monday!

  16. Thanks, 'Doll! Did you click the links? I've taken a lot of pictures of the embroidery other times I've worn the cardi.

    Thanks, Iris!

    Kristen, thanks - I liked it too. I know, hoping, hoping, hoping! Thanks!

  17. This REALLY IS a smart outfit! Oh! That embroidery!

    I know it won't be long B4 you have your job and (whatever you want to think) it will come based on your abilities and spunk. You passion for fashion no doubt opened some doors, but you obviously are very capable, self-disciplined and talented.

  18. Thanks, Rebecca! I appreciate your support and positive attitude - thank you so much. :)

  19. Break a leg tomorrow, Sheila! That is a wonderful sign that they called you even if you didn't get the original job that you applied for. I hope that it works out for you!

  20. Thanks so much, Kari! I'm feeling a bit nervous this morning (what possessed me to agree to Monday morning??).

  21. Love the crane cardigan (very Emma Pillsbury from Glee). Love the hounds-tooth skirt. Love the red mary janes. Love for this outfit all around.

  22. Cat, yes, very Emma! I love her style - it's so precise and so detailed. Thanks!


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