Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Olive Flapper and Yes, More Cat Pictures

Today is a bit of a different look for me - I tend to favour figure-conscious outfits that highlight my hourglass shape. However, I fell in love with this dress:
I know it looks like a big rectangle of blah, but wait! First I have to smell these flowers that L bought me:
Okay, now let's look at the dress. It's long and lean with a dropped waist (the black vinyl "belt" is sewn on and has long fringed ends). It has a high neckline and is sleeveless...yet it's made of wool and is super thick, like a nice blanket for TV-watching.

It also has a wrap-around bottom half:
Showing my navy blue full-length slip and my funky brown lace-net tights. I like the granny boot-ish Oxfords with this ensemble.

I was concerned about being chilled so I took a thin scarf to work:
But wait, there's more! Check out the lovely detail on the bottom:
With my hand underneath to show the cut-out bits. It's sewn in a dark brown. The edging is just stitched (not wrapped over) and all of the seams are totally invisible. I showed them to someone at work who sews and she was VERY impressed.

It was only $26.95 and still had the tags on it!
I couldnt' find much on the brand online, but from an image search, they seem to have been making dresses since the '70s. As this one is size 10, I am wondering if it's actually from the mid- to late-80s (since I am a size 6 in today's sizes, generally). Either way, doesn't look like it's ever been worn!

The stuff:
I've had the shoes for a while (seen here and here) - not sure how much longer I'll keep them as they rub my feet a bit.

The accessories:
Airplanes and swirly patterns. Happy!

Dress (Kenar, thrifted), tights (Silks by Phantom), shoes (Max Studio, consignment), earrings (Plum, gift from L), cuff (Catalyst Reaction Leather).

Did I mention cat pictures? Someone has been playing in boxes a lot lately:
The upside-down box with the red on it has been Inigo's favourite toy for about a month, but last night, he decide to sit inside this box...which is a smidge too small for him.

We had a bunch of friends over - we were all laughing at him:
He looks like a fuzzy gumdrop.

Later on, he just lounged about:
"My box!"


  1. yes- a different look for you- but i do like it - is very flattering on you with the olive color and cut of the dress.

  2. I got a good laugh over Indigo with his box, possibly just a bit of a tight fit? Perhaps he should come to Weight Watchers with you for a few weeks.

    The ever so casual paw over the edge of the box is so cute too. He must be a real character!

    PS Nice dress too.

  3. I think you're making this dress work, regardless of its dropped waist. You've got the bod to pull it off! It's a beautifully detailed find, to be sure.

    Now, about the cat in the box. It's freaking hilarious that he's got a new toy to replace the red-top box, and it's another box. It was nice of Inigo to entertain while you had company!

  4. Flowers! How nice!

    The detail on this dress is amazing!

    Kitty looks squished in there! Too funny. We had a cat that used to hang out in a paper bag, and when there was company, he'd scrunch about or jump out to scare people. Couldn't leave out a box. He'd use it for something else...

  5. That dress is a dream! And I'm so glad you posted closeups- the cutout embroidery is amazing. I'm so jealous... and those tights and shoes really funk it up

  6. I love the dropped waist! I think it hits you in the best place for a dropped waist. The lace tights really take it up a notch.

    Boxkitty! Inigo is cute enough to contend with Maru and his boxes.

  7. Have you tried Dr. Scholl's Moleskin for the shoe rubbing?

    I love seeing a cat in a too-small box.

  8. LOVE that dress's detailing, Sheila--beautiful. What a score!

    And very nice blog. I followed you over here from You Look Fab. Okay if I stick around? :-)


  9. Very pretty dress, I really like the details. Fun find for a great price. Lovely flowers, I'm sure they smell wonderful...

    I love that Inigo doesn't quite fit in the box, that is so cute. He's seems like such a ham, showing everybody he can fit in the box.

  10. Fab! Way to mix up your silhouette.

    And there's nothing quite as funny as a huge cat in a tiny box.

  11. Inigo looks SO much like my Mosquito in that box...he always tried smooshing into too-small boxes too. Awwwww cute overload, and kitty longing.

  12. ah!! o o ohhh!! oooo...ahhhh! blkdfjslkemrt

    (i'm officcially incoherent over that whole outfit, PARTICULARLY the dress.....ah, oo ok...just be glad i don't have a passport) steph

  13. OHHH Inigo !! He is soooooo cute.
    You got a great deal on that dress. It's like chin, chin chin! winning at the casino-
    I am loving those tights.... nice.

  14. Thanks, Alecia! I was really taken with the different shape. And I seem to be addicted to olive green lately.

    Northmoon, isn't he adorable? Yes, he's overflowing somewhat! And would you believe he's lost weight? Yeah, he's a real character - a very funny cat. Thanks!

    A-Dubs, thanks! I was happy with it. Heh, I know, but he's still in love with the red box (we play "chase the stick" under it, which is VERY exciting). He's always a ham when people are around.

    Jen, I'm so lucky, L is great like that - just buys me flowers every so often for no reason. :) Thanks! Hee, that's hilarious! Inigo is not a jump-out kind of kitty, but he can't stay away from boxes.

    'Doll, thank you! I love details like that.

    Megan, me too, but it's really not my usual thing (esp. now that I HAVE a waist!). I know...but that Maru is the best.

    Wendy, not yet, but thank you for the suggestion. I know, isn't he cute??

    Thanks for commenting and visiting, Velma - I'm glad you came by! Thanks so much - I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

    Alison, thanks! Actually, the flowers don't smell at all (mostly Gerber daisies and sallal for filler). Inigo is totally squished in there - I didn't think he would fit.

    Thanks, Sal! Agreed, hee!

    Sherylyn, aw, you can "borrow" Inigo anytime if you need some cuddle time with a kitty. See you tonight.

    Steph, dang, woman, I've driven you to incoherence! So glad you like!

    Thanks, Lorena, isn't he? Yeah, I hit the thrift jackpot!

  15. My eight-year old son would be so impressed if I wore that aeroplane cuff! He is obsessed with anything relating to flight.

  16. Mervat, that's so funny. I just love that cuff.

  17. When you are a long tall glass of water such as you are, you should show that asset off from time to time. I love this look on you, with a nice unbroken line and some fun detail at the bottom.

    Inigo is just the silliest cat. He loves his boxes!

  18. Aw, thank you! It's all an illusion, I assure you (I'm 5'4")! I know, Inigo is such a clown.


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