Monday, October 25, 2010

Anything But Casual Monday (More Interviews)

So, today was the 4th - and as it turned out, also the 5th - interview at the company I want to work for (last discussed here). In keeping with the last interview outfit, I also kept this one pretty low-key: My grandmother's necklace is the only bling (I'm wearing crystal stud earrings), and I kept the colour palette in a nice autumn mix.

Edit: this skirt is a real workhorse in my wardrobe. Last seen here, here, here, here and oh, too many more times before that. I wear it about 5-6 times a year.

I really like how this jacket fits:
Lock and load!

The interviews went well, I think. Hours, when I can start and salary were briefly discussed, so this seems promising. After a total of five interviews, with 9 people, I sure hope so! Fingers crossed!

The shoe business: And my pretty necklace.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (consignment), shoes (Guess), necklace (vintage '50s, Grandma J's, stamped "Lisner," info about it here).


  1. That outfit is perfectly tailored for you! It's impossible to not feel confident when everything fits just right!! Sending good karma your way!

  2. Phenomenal! I'm so happy for you, it sounds like a shoo-in! (Or, two cute shoes-in.)

  3. You look smashing! How can they not hire someone with such style!

  4. I like the little kick to the skirt's hem.

  5. That's a very good sign, Sheila. Fingers crossed for you! How did you feel about the experience? Does it sound like a job that you are excited about?

    RE: your earlier question, they DID "go the full monty" at the play - but were backlit by very intense lights so you couldn't see eeeeverything at the most crucial moment.

  6. I hope you can give us some more good news on the job front soon! I love your skirt and jacket combo!

  7. Fingers firmly crossed for you. I like that jacket too!

  8. Sounds like things are looking up for you! Major congrats. I think this is a perfect autumn outfit. The pleats around the bottom of that skirt is a great detail./

  9. Very elegant. The jacket fits perfectly; the skirt has nice but subdued color; and the heels are appropriate. A very professional look with subtle style.

  10. Ooh, fourth and fifth interview!!
    This outfit rocks. I like how the beautiful tailoring and the bling/color of the skirt hint at your sartorial awesomeness without showing all your cards.

  11. *crossing fingers* yay on more interviews!

    I like the skirt, would love a closeup of the texture. And I adore that necklace! Grandma must have had your sense of style.

  12. Keeping everything crossed for you Sheila - they obviously like you! How would you cope with a casual dress policy though?! ;-)

  13. I hope so too ,sending good vibes ,and fingers crossed Jan xx

  14. Best of luck! I hope you get the job you want. Your interview look was perfect.

  15. I love this outfit! The colours are beautiful and the mix of textures is great. You look very capable and very in-control. Best of luck with your interviews - I'm sending postive vibes over the pacific as I type!

  16. OH Sheila! I hope they get back to you soon. Sounds very promising though. I think this outfit is a wonderful interview outfit. I like the autumn colors. Can't wait to see your post with the good news!

  17. crossing my fingers for you!!

    eyeing that orange skirt pretty hard- love it!!!

  18. I like the fit of the jacket too, but I like the skirt even more! It's so flattering on you.

    I hope you hear good news soon!

  19. finger crossed, positive vibe sending...

    you look beautiful! and what a nice necklace from your grandma. i'm sure she's pulling for you, too : ) steph

  20. Geez, are they done torturing you yet? But it sounds good! And you looked smashing. Good luck!

    I'm having another go at ye olde socks....

  21. Oh, you guys rule! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and good vibes!

    Cara, thanks! Karma's the best, thank you.

    Freeda, thanks! Lol, great pun!

    Faith, thank you - fingers crossed.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Kari, I feel pretty good - it's a bit of a step-down, career ladder-wise, but it's only a 1 year contract (but with lots of opportunity to move within the company), so I can live with it just to get in with this company. I am excited - it seems like a cool team. LOL, woo! Even a little "full monty" goes a long way!

    LaHdM, thanks, hon! I hope so too.

    Thanks, Cynthia!

    Megan, I hope so - it's been a really tough year. Thanks!

    Thanks, Ralph! Would you believe one of the people interviewing me was in SWEATS??

    Rad, thanks! It's a fine line between professional and crazy - hee!

    'Doll, thanks, hon! I edited the post and put some links up to previous wears of the skirt for you - there are lots of close-ups in those posts, so check 'em out. I like wearing a piece of jewelry that links to someone I love - makes me feel like they're watching over me. Yes, Grandma J had great style! I wish I had some pictures of her.

    Thanks, Tat! I did warn them that I like to "dress" as my artistic outlet (the last interview was fairly casual). However, I can see my style evolving to a slightly more casual one in that environment.

    Jan, thank you!

    Thanks, Jody!

    Baxter, thanks so much. Vibes received. :)

    Alison, I hope so! I sent my thank you cards today.

    Alecia, thanks very much! I love the skirt too!

    Anne, thank you - it's one of my favourite pieces. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks, Steph, I think by now all my toes are crossed too. I know I had Grandma's good vibes there with me. :)

    Tanya, hey, nice to see you back, sweetie! :) I know, it totally feels like torture; but on the other hand, I'm glad they are so fussy about who they hire.

  22. I love that skirt so much. The colour, the shape, the flirty hem...I'm on the lookout for such a skirt. Someday...

    They must hire you! They have to! This is nerve-wracking with all the interviews and waiting. How are you holding up?

  23. Hee hee, I just read this and thought of you!

  24. Jen, thanks! I love it so much. It's a little nerve-wracking, but I feel pretty confident. However, if they decide not to hire me, I'll be fine. I'll find something.

    Audi, thanks - I will read it at home (I'm at work and they block that site).

  25. Good call going sedated with interview fashion choices. Best of luck with the job!

  26. Thanks, Cat!

    Audi, oh my god, that site is hilarious! Thank you!

  27. Fingers crossed for you! Nine interviews seems like serious business. 'Good thing you're a superhero of empowered-profesh-yet-never-boring ensemble-making. Also, this skirt hugs your curves like nobody's business. What a wicked find.

  28. Interviews with 9 different people for 1 job - good heavens, that's obscene. I sure am crossing everything here for you.

    Love the outfit.

  29. Thanks, A-Dubs! I hope my super-hero powers are enough to get it! Yeah, I love the skirt.

    Wendy, I've actually interviewed for 3 different jobs with one company - I guess they like me, but haven't found the right "fit" yet. Thanks!


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