Friday, October 15, 2010

Casual Friday: Denim and Brocade

Back to my usual funkitude! The last two new-to-me items that I picked up on my shopping trip last weekend at the consignment shop are this top and skirt:
The top is a very bright red (what is up with my reds looking pink? Gah!). I am a sucker for Chinese brocades - I used to have a pair of blue brocade skinny pants once upon a time (I miss them). The shirt fastens by buttoning across the neck and body - and it's made in Canada, which I really like.

The top was sold as a two-piece set with a mini skirt in the same fabric, on sale for $19.50. However, the skirt was a Small and the top is a Medium. The skirt was teeny-weeny-itsy-squeaky-voice small - I couldn't even get it around my thigh. Seriously! But the top is a perfect fit - and go figure, this is a great example of how wacky sizing can be. I have bought XLs at Le Chateau and also XS - you have to just ignore the sizes and buy what fits.

Anyway, I would have bought the top on its own for $19.50, so I didn't mind getting the skirt - I figured I could consign it. My gal wasn't at the consignment shop that day, though (I usually visit her on Sundays), so I took it home...and when the lovely and very petite Kim was over for our party last weekend, I was showing her my recent acquisitions and - light bulb! - oh my gosh, take this skirt off my hands, honey! She was so excited.

I have been in love with long swooshy skirts for many years - I love seeing them come back into style:
Showing my boots off. I kept the shoes simple.

With a long skirt, I always look for an a-line shape like this one, for example - if you wear those long straight skirts that were big in the late 90s, your bottom half risks looking like a big rectangle. A-lines have nice movement when you walk.

This skirt was only $8.50 on the clearance rack! Score! InWear is a pretty expensive brand. I love that it's denim (it makes a nice sail-like sound when I walk) with a bit of stretch - it fits really good in the bum, hee hee.

A close-up of the top:
My "I am not amused" look - 7:30 in the morning is early!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), earrings (Plum), cuff (don't remember).


  1. What a gorgeous blouse! And you MUST know how I love black skirts - LONG black skirts! I wouldn't have guessed yours is denim! I ♥ it.

  2. Sheila, I am in love with your Chinese top! As my youngest is from China, my eyes always go to oriental looks and this looks phenomenal on you. BTW, when I was in China I picked out the exact material, they measured me exactly and it was ready THE NEXT DAY! Take the trip, you would love!

  3. That is weird your reds read pink on this. Love the top, and I'm glad someone else got the use of the skirt!

  4. Ohwow! Your casual friday look blows mine out of the water. I lovelovelove the long denim skirt. (although at first I thought it was mega wide trousers)

    The top is lovely. How cool that you were able to pass on the matching skirt to a friend.

  5. The top,
    the brocade top, the brocade chinese top, I can{t get over it.... gorgeous.

  6. There's real entertainment-value in the tales of your shopping-adventures. You go out into the wild, bag a big one (like this top), and then carry it home and show it off to us. That story never grows old.

    Plus, to continue the analogy, the incredibly-low prices you pay are like the fierceness of animals you manage to subdue. Anyone can spend $250 and look good; spending a tenth of that and achieving a great result makes you a master-hunter!

  7. Fabulous skirt, fabulous boots. I particulary love the shape of the skirt. I've personally given up on paying any credence to sizing - there is no consistency anywhere in the world!

  8. Wait! Why don't we get to see the bum fit?

    Also, I am inspired. Your long denim skirt is looking totally BA, especially with that awesome blouse. I've got a long denim skirt packed away somewhere. And now I can get it out, again!

  9. The color of that jacquard top goes wonderfully with your red hair. Great combination!

  10. Honestly, my job dropped when the page loaded. I love the red, the black, and the boots--and those prices--I'd be over there trying to get my hands on that set too. :)

  11. Thanks, Rebecca! I know you love long skirts - me too!

    Lesa, thanks! I love these brocades so much. Ooh, that sounds very tempting!

    'Doll, I know, must be my camera. Thanks!

    Megan, thanks, hon! Hey, you know I love the wide legs too. I know, I'm so glad the skirt went to a good home.

    Psyche, thanks!

    Thanks, Lorena!

    Shybiker, ha, thank you! I'm like a hunter, returning with my bagged prey. I do like my bargains.

    Thanks, Baxter! I love this shape as well. Sizing is just crazy, isn't it?

    A-Dubs, because I didn't have time to take a pic of my bum. Hee. Thanks so much! Get on the long skirt bandwagon!

    Thanks, Jodi!

    Thanks, Ann! I do love a score!

  12. Wow I love that first outfit. The colors are inspiring!

  13. is that a cheongsam top? NICE! i ve always wanted to wear cheongsam, but until now haven't found the right size yet.

  14. Nilcha, it is! Although not an authentic Chinese one. Those are impossible for me to fit into.


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