Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sedate in a Sweater Dress

I went shopping last week after work with Bo, who had a gala event to go to and needed a dress. As I scoured the dress rail at Dots for a dress for her, I spotted this blood red beauty:
I've been looking for a non-turtleneck, non-black, non-grey (bad colour near my face) sweater dress for about 3 months. I can't do cowl necks, and I don't like my body to resemble a fuzzy jelly bean when I wear the dress, so it had to have some shape. I found a beauty in a thrift store, but it had a hole in the bottom of it, so no.

This dress was about $45. It is a wool blend and was nicely warm to wear all day - and no little furr-balls under the arms/in the boobular region, which is great.

The tights are also new - they're heathered grey with a diamond pattern. I'll take a close-up next time I wear them.

I like wearing a sweater dress over a button-down, thusly:
And also thusly, with my indigo sweater dress (shiny boot warning!). I love having French cuffs on my shirt - gives me an opportunity to raid L's cufflink collection.

The stuff:
Proof of my Thrift Goddess status - Towne Shoes' house brand ain't cheap. This is my first time wearing tights with these - I'm going to have to put some heel grabbers in. I kept stepping out of them.

A close-up of the cuff business:
That colour's a bit pink - it's more a blood red.

Cuff detail:
They're stamped! Cool.
It says "Hickock" then "U.S.A." - the stamps are set differently on each one. I'd guess late '50s, early '60s.

Dress (Eric Alexandre), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (The Gap), tights (Miss Sixty), shoes (Towne Shoes, thrifted), cufflinks (thrifted, vintage), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. This is exactly what a sweater dress should look like. Wow! I haven't had luck in finding any that are work appropriate length, so I have to layer. I also tend to find dresses that are just a bit too clingy. When I'm shopping again, I'm taking a page from Ephemera.

  2. Fabulous sweater dress! I love it layered with the shirt. And omg cufflinks.

    Also heel grabbers - I somehow only recently discovered what these do. I always thought they were just for padding the heel, but D had to point them out when I kept complaining about my LB flats kept slipping off. Shown up by my not-fashion concious hubby!

  3. Sweater dresses re my favourite winter garment in the world. This rosy piece of woolly loveliness is wonderful on you - I love the shape! Excellent allpication of the belt and shirt too.

  4. thinking i must add some blood red (heeled) footwear to my closet- adore them.

    bet he loves that you wear his links.

    lastly- amused that you had specific criteria for a sweater dress- a lady who knows her mind.
    nice addition of the underblouse

  5. Perfect. Just perfect. You're my role-model, buddy.

  6. Cufflinks! I knew there was a reason I kept wanting my fiancé to start wearing them! I definitely would be stealing them today! And your use of "blood" red now has me in the mood for Halloween!

  7. Stunning outfit! I love everything about it, but especially the cuff links. Amazing!!

  8. Thanks, Rad! Yes, I have trouble with the clingy-ness as well - I buy up a size so that it's not too tight.

    Megan, thank you! Ha! Heel grabbers are awesome.

    Baxter, me too - they are so snuggly and warm. Thanks so much!

    Alecia - there's something about red footwear, isn't there? :) L is fine with it - he used to wear them a lot, but not so much now, and he has a huge collection. Oh, I always have criteria for my specific clothes shopping - it helps cut down on impulse or "close enough" purchases. If it's not just right, I won't buy it.

    Thanks, Ralph! I was thinking of you with the cufflinks. :)

    Cara, just buy them for yourself - you can find them in the display case (or sometimes a huge bowl) in most thrift stores.

    Pear, thank you!

    Steph, hee, thanks!

  9. I love the dress and those tights together. And the shoes... gah! Want!

    I'm going to try creating false french cuffs on one or two of my shirts, because I suck at making buttonholes.

    I answered your query about shrinking photos on my blog- I do the whole thing on my Droid, do you know how I could shrink the photos on my phone?

  10. Thanks, 'Doll! Good luck with your homemade French cuffs.

    Ah, I don't know how to do stuff on phones (I don't have one) - I do it all in MS Picture Manager or whatever it's called. You can select small/med/large pics when you upload them into your post, though - what's your default set at? I use medium.

  11. Fabulosa !
    This made was made for you, really.
    I totally dig the cufflinks it totally upgrades any outfit...

  12. Thanks, Lorena! I agree, I wish more women's shirts had cuffed sleeves.


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