Monday, October 18, 2010

Late Weekend Edition and a Book Blurb

I had a really busy weekend, following an exhausting week. I need another weekend!

Getting some catching up going on here, this is what I wore to Weight Watchers, brunch out, and to Winesday with my wonderful gals:
It was still a little chilly on the legs but not too bad. That's my corduroy skirt that I last wore here.

Long-sleeved top (Mexx), t-shirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), skirt (Jacob Connexion, consignment), socks (Hue), books (Aldo, consignment).

Yesterday I had "Day with Auntie Sheila" - I do this for my nieces (the two eldest ones) every year on their birthdays. I had my day with Hannah (8 years old) a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday was Zoe's turn (11 years old).

We did High Tea at a local swanky old hotel, so of course, Crazy Auntie had to get her funk on:
My fab Betsey Johnson dress getting a daytime workout (previously seen here, here and here).

I had fun adding the double-layered tights with it:
They were a little on the warm side later in the day, though.

Dress (Betsey Johnson), t-shirt (SportMart), belt (gift from Ruth), boots (Aldo, consignment), necklace (The Bay).

I finished another graphic novel a few weeks ago and forgot to write about it (I've been "off" reading the last little while and have been doing crossword puzzles to make myself dozy before bed. I go in cycles this way).

Kelly lent me this one (he's been reading my Sandmans) after he read my Jeff Loeb Batman titles. It's "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell" by Dan Slott and Ryan Sook:
I enjoy the newer Batman series (much like the new series of "Batman" movies, they are darker and not as campy as the originals). This one actually barely features the Caped Crusader.

Stats: Uh, it's a graphic novel, so about 4 comic books' worth of pages. Started around October 1st and finished a couple nights later.

Blurb: As I mentioned, this novel really doesn't feature Batman (he makes a token appearance near the end). It takes place almost entirely within the walls of the infamous Arkham Asylum, which is where all the psychotic bad guys in the Batman universe end up if they have good lawyers (if you saw "Batman Begins", the Scarecrow ends up in Arkham). The plot of this story revolves around a rich tycoon who decides that pretending to be insane is going to be easier on him than going to jail, after he's caught as a criminal. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

I found the story interesting and full of little twists and turns - but be warned, it's violent. The illustrations are very well done and evoke the minds of the madmen; slightly warped and askew versions of reality. If you enjoy the re-booted Batman, this is a fun side-story.


  1. Auntie Sheila!
    I am totally loving that Winesday look !
    The socks, the boots, the corduroy skirt, the layered top.... I am totally for this look.

  2. You look so awesome in that B. Johnson dress. You must be the coolest aunt ever.

  3. Thanks, Lorena! I actually added a choker after WW. This is one of my favourite weekend looks.

    Thanks, Rad! I love that dress. I don't know if I'm the coolest, but I'm sure I'm the craziest. :)

    Thanks, Sal! Nice to see you.

  4. More love for both outfits! The colors in the first one are gorgeously warm and rich.
    I too think you are the coolest aunt ever.

  5. Weight Watchers should hire you as their poster child. Everyone would stampede in to look as good as you.

  6. OMG You so rock! Your day out look is so much fun. I bet your nieces love you to pieces.

    I need to check out some of the graphic novels you've been posting. I'm overdo for a trip to the bookstore.

  7. Wendy, you're too kind. Thanks!

    Thanks, Megan! I don't know...I'm one of those "hands off" relatives. I don't see any of my relatives that often. Ooh, check out "The Walking Dead" - AMC is doing a series on it, starting on Hallowe'en.

  8. Another fabulous patented Sheila graphic tee look! Love it! And the blue dress with purple tights is such a great combo.

  9. Thanks, Audi! The tights are actually hot pink with black lacy ones layered over top.

  10. You have Sandmans? I have Sandmans! I even have several of the cold-cast statues AND the big ankh!

    How funny is it that we are both fans?

    I almost wore my big ankh Saturday night for the haunted house trip, but decided I didn't know the other girls well enough to risk it.

    Now I feel like a chicken.

  11. 'Doll, I do - I love Neil Gaiman - I have all his books. Ooh, the statues are cool. Aw, you should have worn the ankh. Next time!

  12. I LOVE the BJ dress with the tee underneath!!! I have done that a couple of times with strapless tops and dresses I wanted to wear to work because it was the only way I could get away with it, and I really wasn't sure at the time how it looked. Seeing you in yours tells me it ROCKS!!

  13. Thanks, Jen (love your name, by the way)! and thank you so much for your comments!

    I often do t-shirts or button-downs under strapless to make them more day-wearable. They're definitely work-appropriate with a slightly tamer strapless (my Betsey is a little glam for work, hee!).


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