Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Because I Can Can Can!

Okay, another quick post! I've been out shopping (not for me, for Bo, who needed a dress...although I did buy a dress too), and I had a glass of wine. And now I'm really tired, and I have The Big Interview tomorrow.

I got this skirt on the weekend with birthday money from L:
I reminded me of can-can dancers at the Moulin Rouge. Of course, I had to go all in tones of red to go with it. It was $29.99 on consignment. It has big sections that are folded and stitched down, to give the hem an uneven edge. I love that detail.

The brand is MNG, which I'd never heard of, but apparently it's by Mango.

Looking somewhat normal:
I love these boots - I recall when I got them that I didn't think I'd ever wear them for "everyday". Heh. That was a few years ago.

The stuff:
I had blurring issues, and light issues (it's dark out), sorry. The colour are all wonky. Think blood red for the boots.

A close-up:
You can see that the skirt has this nice ribbon-y texture with stripes of red, burgundy, black and orange.

The necklace L bought me last year, Mom's vintage choker and my silver ring.

And look who was watching me while I did all this:
It's Inigo! That is classic Inigo posing.

Long-sleeved tee (Press), velvet vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), skirt (MNG, consignment), boots (Aldo outlet), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's), domino necklace (gift from L), ring (gift from Cindy).


  1. MNG is sold exclusively at JCPenny's in the US :-)

  2. I LOVE the skirt and boots combo. The skirt looks like it's swingy and fun to wear.

    Here's a couple of links to some of my Hollows art. The first is linked in my blog post:

    Rachel, Ivy and Jenks
    Jenks in the Garden
    Pregnant Ceri with Jih

  3. Oh I think this is my new favourite outfit - fantastic, lovely colour, beautifully autumnal :-) (and such a contrast to yesterdays lovely pale outfit!)

    Loads of luck for the interview tomorrow - will be thinking of you!

  4. Inigo! Interview!

    Kick up those red boots, Sheila! And goooooood luck!!!!!

  5. You look great! The boots are an incredible colour. Inigo also looks suave in his neutrals. Best of luck with your interview tomorrow - may the gods and goddesses of easy questions and surefire, confident answers be with you!

  6. Great outfit. Love the reds of the new skirt and the kicky boots.
    Also, good vibes for the interview tomorrow!

  7. If Tues was sugar and Wed was spice, on Thurs it will be all things nice right?

    Good luck with the interview. Can't wait to see your "in person" outfit.

  8. Ooh, I really like that skirt! And how comfy are your everyday boots? I saw a kind of similar style that I really liked, but the heel height worries me. Are they pretty easy to walk around on all day?

    Good luck with your interview!!

  9. Skirt and boots are some of my favs you have worn. lovin the colors and ribbony texture in that skirt. .

    Choker adds a nice quirky touch!!

  10. What an exciting hem line -- and what HIGH heels. (You know ME!) I'm "crossing my fingers" for you in your interview. Hope all goes well and that you get good insight from it.

  11. That skirt couldn't be any more perfect. I love it so much! Good luck with your interview!!! I'll be thinking about ya!

  12. Oh Inigo, you charmer.

    The skirt is DIVINE, Sheila! I love it with my whole heart.

  13. Love the skirt! And the lead pic... why have a blog if you can't let some personality shine!!

  14. Haha Inigo is so cute. I can imagine our pets must think we should get a room in a psychiatric ward.
    I love this pretty new skirt of yours and yes MNG is indeed the Spanish brand Mango.
    They have nice things, I always go into the MNG store here but only buy when on sale. Yes, I am that person who refuses to pay full price.

    PS I can't wait to hear about your new job ! :)

  15. Thanks, Sonia! We don't have JC Penny's here in Canada - my skirt is well-travelled!

    Megan, thanks! I loved swooshing the skirt around. Wow, those are awesome - I love the one of Jenks! You are so talented!

    Thanks, Rita!

    Thanks, Tat - I really liked it too. Your luck is appreciated!

    Thanks, Kristen!

    Baxter, thank you! Inigo always looks lovely in his tux. Thanks so much - I will worship those gods and goddesses!

    Thanks, Cynthia!

    Rad, thanks - I appreciate the vibes!

    Jen, you got it! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Thanks, Anne! These boots are fine (they have Dr. Scholl's inserts in them). The heel is about 3" - not too bad, but I wouldn't shop all day in them. Fine for the office. Thanks!

    Thank you, Alecia!

    Rebecca, I know, I love kooky hems! Thanks for the fingers crossed!

    Thanks, Alison!

    Sal, he's a cutie, isn't he? Thanks!

    Thanks, Cara! I do like to be a bit wacky at times. :)

    Lorena, I know he thinks I am a nutbar! I will be watching for more MNG - especially if it's like this skirt! I never pay full price either!

  16. I like that you're more daring and adventurous with fashion now than you were back when you bought those boots. That's inspirational for me.

    Hope the interview went well.

  17. I'm drooling over that skirt... owning that would make me reconsider my famous hatred of wearing dresses!
    Good luck with the interview... is it one you scored from that job fair wearing the lettuce skirt?

  18. Shybiker, my style has changed a lot in the last few years - it's quite an evolution when you first start to experiment. I know your own style is going to change!

    Lawyerdoll, I know, gorgeous, isn't it? How can you hate dresses?? Yes, the one I wore the lettuce dress to!

  19. If you go back to my first blog entry in August, you'll understand ;)

    It's easier to show than tell....

  20. Aw, I think you are being too hard on yourself, 'doll. The dresses looked lovely on you (I especially liked the first one - great thrift find!). What about wearing boots if you're self-conscious about your ankles?

  21. This outfit is insanely awesome! I love the boots and that skirt is gorgeous!


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