Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

Today's red is a tomato-y red, with deep orange tones. I like all shades of red, however. I wanted to wear this dress again:
The Pouffiest Dress Ever returns! I took Steph's advice from last time I wore it and safety-pinned the top of it to my bra. The things we do for fashion.

And as per the title, this outfit is all about The Big. Big dress, big necklace, big belt, big shoes.
I think I could stash about 16 bags of marshmallows in the skirt alone!

The stuff:
Ah, sweet giant shoes. Maybe you won't believe me, but these do not hurt my feet at all. Still, I'm very careful when I walk in them.

Dress (Vita Boutique Couture, thrifted), cardigan (Kersh), belt (Gap), shoes (Carvela), necklace (Club Monaco).


  1. That skirt is so much fun, I think it would bring a smile to my face everytime I wore it :) see it happened already!

  2. EEE! Yes! I love this dress and am very happy to see it again! That bubble hem ROCKS.

    I can totally believe platforms like that are comfortable - standing still. I'd probably trip and fall right over though.

  3. LOVE! What a fabulous, funky, and decidedly fun dress!

  4. This is the dress of my dreams. Not only is it cute but you can sneak candy into the movie theater in it!

  5. ~ Good Morning World ~ !

    sitting here, eating my oatmeal first thing, when i open up Ephemera. Not only do i see the greatest outfit (actual thought process: 'i would wear that wholesale in 2.2 seconds!!! stripes! favorite red! SHAPE!!), then i find i get a shout out In The Same Post!! happy happy day...and rite after i threw a tantrum on my own blog yesterday (* he he abashed*).

    Thank you Sheila - you look wonderful! have a great weekend, everybody!! steph

  6. Iris, thanks - it's actually a dress.

    Megan, wow, glad you like it! It takes a bit of skill to walk in these.

    Thanks, Sal!

    shybiker, heh, totally! Popcorn too!

    Steph, happy to make your day! :) Stripes? You see stripes?

    Thanks, A-Dubs.

  7. Those shoes are amazing. I'm going to look at them some more.

  8. Love the great poofy dress- really cool that you can wear it to work! But the shoes...those shoes are gorgeous! I can see where they'd be comfy. But I can tell I'm getting older- I saw them and thought: "Could I wear those without breaking my ankle?"
    *Sigh* and I used to be a platform shoe queen...

  9. of course. stripes.

    horizontal stripes


    l stripes.

    (#*$#&%& monitor resolution...)

  10. Thanks, SU! Please take your time.

    Thanks, Rita! Yes, my work is pretty good for that. I'm very careful how I walk in my shoes.

    Steph, ah, gotcha. Dang monitors!

  11. I was once browsing in a Utilikilt store in Seattle, and the sales guy described each kilt design in terms of how many beers you could fit in the pockets. Bags of marshmallows sound a lot more comfortable!

  12. Audi, that's hilarious. Hey, to each his or her own, right?

  13. You inspire me Sheila, and your cat has the exact same markings as my dog Sheba -- exact.
    Your cat looks like my dog, but a cat.


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