Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Was a Teenaged Dress Week - Black, Grey and Purple

This is my fifth Dress Week since I started doing my blog! It follows:
Looks like I am right on schedule.
If I look vaguely annoyed it is because I had two incidents today that soured my mood. One, I dropped this bracelet IN THE TOILET after using it. Thank goodness yellow is mellow...and yes, I scrubbed thoroughly.

Two, I got a run in my tights:
Awwwwwww...these were such a good colour, and I loved the stripes down the legs. Now I have to go find more purple tights.

The stuff:
Rockin' silver booties! Oak leaf bracelet ($12 in a thrift store while on holiday), button, and silver earrings.

A close-up of the oak leaves and the button:
I love the 50s pulp novel look of the button (it was $2 at the Fair). The bracelet is not in great condition (and it opens too easily, grrrr), but hey, only $12.

Stay tuned! I Was a Teenaged Dress Week will continue!

Dress (Style & Co.), jacket (Mac & Jac), shoes (BCBGirls), bracelet (thrifted), earrings (don't recall), pin (handmade).


  1. I love this outfit! Too bad about the tights :( They were pretty.

  2. Wonderful! I love dress weeks. I've had a couple myself.

    Oh, my gosh, that is too bad about the stocking and bracelet fiascos. Sounds like something I would do. Shame! I'm glad the bracelet at least recovered.

  3. those shoes are hardcore fabulous! love the purple tights too!

  4. I love dress week! Too bad about the tights. It's so sad how easily a pair of good tights can turn on you.

  5. Thanks, FA! Yeah, but now I get to go buy new tights! Woo hoo!

    Kari, thank you! I enjoy them, but they do make me realize...I need more dresses. Yes, those were sucky things - I am also recovered, haha!

    Eednic, thanks!

    Thanks, Kaylyn! Yes, you are so right.

  6. I am loving Dress Week (as you might have guessed, LOL)! This is a great color combo.

  7. Those shoes are awesome! Man, i'm a little jealous :)

  8. Thanks, BAM! Winners is where I found those shoes.

  9. Okay... I swear this is my last comment on your shoes tonight, but DAMN! those are fierce! LOVE....

  10. No problem, Londyn! Not bad for about $40 at Winners two years ago!


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