Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Ms. Plaid

After yesterday's crazitude, my coworkers spared me narry a glance today, despite my efforts at mixing patterns. I try to look awake in the mornings:
Can you tell I'm forcing my eyes open? I got this skirt last weekend - I have been keeping an eye out for plaid lately. I've always loved plaid (I have owned many plaid dresses over the years), and I agree with fellow bloggers who think it's going to have a major resurgence. But then, when is plaid NOT in style?

The stuff:
You can see the stripes in the jacket better here. I had to wear a flat shoe as I had (yet another) dentist appointment today and had to walk to and from the bus stop several times.

Yay, it's almost the weekend!

Jacket (Vero Moda), top (Planet), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (Predictions, consignment), necklace (Plum), earrings (gift from L).


  1. I like the cut of that dress. Very elegant and a bit vintage-y.

  2. Beautiful plaid skirt, Sheila! No, you don't really look like you are sleepy or forcing your eyes open. I wish I looked so fresh after a tiring day.

    Yay weekend!

  3. Nice, nice... i never thought of lines and plaid... you got me thinking woman ! :)

  4. I agree Plaid is never out of style. Such a classic piece if worn properly :)


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