Sunday, September 20, 2009

Casual Friday - Double Denim Extreme

Ooh, it's been a busy weekend. L took the camera to his all-day work event yesterday so I didn't get a chance to get Friday's outfit up till today.

I'm doing double denim:
Thin dark denim jacket and cream jeans. I love the fit on this jacket - it just nips everything in tight. The jeans are labeled "Extreme Fit" which appears to mean "very high-waisted" - they feel really weird on!

I didn't take the jacket off all day, but this is what I wore underneath.
Dance, Sheila, dance!

No "stuff" shot, as we dashed out to go to a movie right after work ("The Informant!" was hilarious). Those are my Chinese Laundry tortoise-shell sandals, and that's my Lucky Brand necklace from L, and I'm wearing my big gold hoops.

Jacket (Bisou Bisou, consignment), cami (InWear), t-shirt (InWear), jeans (Parasucco, thrifted), sandals (Chinese Laundry, consignment), necklace (Lucky Brand, gift from L), earrings (gift from L).


  1. You're looking mighty tiny! I like to do denim like that. Two totally different colors, that's the way to go.

  2. Oooh, I love your jacket! It really shows off your waist well.

    Your dancing shot made me smile.

    Hope you've had a great weekend!

  3. I agree with Alison - you are so slim it is hard to believe you were once a lrager lady. You looks so stylish.
    I am so looking forward to the postie (mailman) arriving. Thank YOU!

  4. Alison, oh, love that, thanks! I'm holding steady 4 pounds below my goal right now...about 3 pounds to go.

    Kari, thank you! I love it too. I did, it was lovely. Hope yours was awesome!

    Thanks, Kristen!

    Thanks, Tina, always!

    FA, thank you.

    Oh, Jane, you are too kind. I will have to post a picture of my old jeans sometime.


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