Friday, September 4, 2009

Casual Friday - Dragon!

I've been waiting for a casual day to wear my new $7 denim pencil skirt.
Unfortunately, with it belted, it hiked it up just a titch too far...I was uncomfortably close to flashing my hoo-hoo at all and sundry all day. I think next time I will ditch the belt and wear it lower on my hips. The quest for the perfect denim pencil skirt continues!

The sweater is also new. It's a silk and cashmere blend and I love that it's a super-thin sweater. I also really like the neckline. I'm not so bothered by the dragon, but the pailettes are only glued on and occasionally one falls off. If they all fall off, I'll still be left with a nice sweater. I did end up untucking it partway through the day.

The stuff:
My lovely patent red Fluevog Listen "Audrey" shoes, detail of the dragon, and my funky ring.

Have a lovely long weekend!

Sweater (Romeo and Juliet Couture, consignment), skirt (David Bitten Buffalo, consignment), belt (Plum), shoes (Fluevog Listen "Audrey"), gold hoop earrings, gold ring (Retro Wear).


  1. I looove your Fluevog shoes, and great detail on that sweater!

    I'm always uncomfortable with slits in pencil skirts. Most of mine have a slit up the back - it's hard to find one that doesn't have a slit somewhere & still allows you to move. I usually wear a short half-slip underneath just in case the skirt rides up too far - I'd rather not flash anything unintentionally!

  2. Those shoes are just darling. I hear you on the pencil skirts, too. They are so versitile, though once you find that perfect one. Maybe you could add some fabric where the slit is or put another skirt underneath if you are uncomfortable.

  3. Hello, hello! I just discovered your blog and am really inspired by it - to the point of planning a visit to the Fluevog store here in Chicago. :-) The best gift you give me is ideas to "un-match" my wardrobe (I'm very matchy-matchy), and put things together in different ways. It's like I've rediscovered my own closet. Thank you so so much! Why don't you have your own tv show?

  4. Love those shoes... just like Roberta, I have begun looking at Fluevogs on line.... are they true to size ?
    The look sooo stylish and comfy....

  5. I love dragons. I already have one dragon ring but I'm working on another, more elaborate one.

  6. Thanks, Kari!

    I don't mind the ones in the back - they never seem to go dangerously high, like the front-slit skirts. Good idea - I know I would have felt more comfortable even with tights on with this skirt.

    FA, thanks! I do think I need to layer something with this.

    Hi, and welcome, Roberta! Thank you for commenting. Always happy to convert another to the worship of Fluevog, ha! And I am only too appreciative to be inspiration - thank you so much.

    Lorena, thanks. I find they tend to be on the small side. All of my Listen heels are 9.5, but I have one pair that is a 9 and one that is a 10 - I would recommend you read the reviews that buyers post on the official Fluevog site, since they often comment on how each style fits.

    Wendy, I should get a picture of my Dad's dragon ring - it's a gold dragon that wraps around the finger. The dragon's limbs and jaws hold the stone in place. The dragon is fully 3-D, with ruby eyes. The stone is chyrsophrase.

  7. I love the dragon! And the fact that it's a sweater and not a T is so nice since it makes it a little dressier.

  8. Thanks, Tina! I know, that's what I liked too. My t-shirts always end up looking grubby after a few wears.


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