Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 2nd Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! Day 2

Today's outfit has all new items! I like try and alternate days of wearing things to give them a chance to "rest".
And...my other pair of shoes is the yellow boots! I knew these would be the biggest challenge for me to build multiple outfits around - and I do love a challenge. I also wanted the texture of the croc with the plaid and the pattern in the t-shirt (which has a titch of yellow in the design).

The first skirt to make an appearance is this wonderful houndstooth. I love it because, frankly, it makes my butt look great.
It's all that walking - it's great for the glutes! I also like that this jacket (gorgeous colour) has a peplum back, to accentuate the booty.

The stuff:
Hello, yellow boots! Grandma J's brooch makes an appearance, and the earrings return. I love the design on the t-shirt. Sparkly!


  1. I am so going to walk more if I end up with a butt like that!
    Those yellow boots are so bold and you wear them so well. I don't think everyone would get away with them but you manage to carry them off and make them look great.

  2. I love those yellow boots, and I love seeing you wear them in this challenge. The houndstooth skirt does make your butt look great. :)

  3. Wonderful skirt! It DOES make your bum look great. You and Lisa both wore houndstooth skirts and I'm jealous. I once thrifted one, but the pattern didn't line up well and it was too unflattering for me to keep. :(

  4. That is an awesome skirt. Great pairing the graphic tee with the boots! Very cool!

  5. Wow. You look stunning. I love every part of it. The skirt and the jacket fit you perfectly! And the T gives it a funky vibe. And I can't believe I am going to say this considering my previous assessment, but I even like the boots. You look powerful and in charge.

  6. Houndstooh ! is one of my faves, this skirt fits your marvelously!

  7. You saucy Woman!!
    I am so glad you included your awesome boots, looking forward to seeing how you wear them.

    And yes, your skirt and butt look great~dont ya love it??? You rock!

  8. Can I ask where that skirt is from? I'm on a quest for a great houndstooth pencil skirt. I bought one from Kmart but I'm not convinced it's the holy grail - I just picked it up because I've been looking for so long!

  9. Kelly, the skirt was consigment, but it's Nygard Petites. http://www.nygard.com/onlinestore/Default.aspx

    Good quality, fully lined - they cater to a slightly older clientele, but they have great classics.

  10. Good work! The capsule wardrobe is a great challenge and your yellow boots are poppin'!

  11. What a fantastic outfit -- so sassy! I LOVE that you chose bright yellow boots for the challenge.

  12. Ha, I love it, Jane - do it! I am so glad I got the yellow boots - I just love them. Thanks so much.

    Thanks, Kirsten! Heh, I really wasn't fishing for compliments. :)

    Thanks, Kasmira! I love Lisa's skirt - great colours. Aw, that's too bad; a houndstooth skirt is such a good wardrobe classic.

    Alison, thanks! I love that t-shirt.

    Thank you so much, Tina! Hey, if I can convince you to like these boots, then my job is done. ;)

    Me too, Lorena - thank you!

    Ha, Erin, you crack me up. The boots are only going to make one more appearance this week (tomorrow). Thanks a bunch!

    MDS - thanks, and welcome! I will check out your blog out.

    Audi, thanks so much! Well, of course, how could I not do these boots? They cried until I acquiesced.

  13. Oooh, love the houndstooth skirt and yellow boots!

    I think we are on a similar wavelength with color schemes. I am going to wear blue and yellow on Friday. :)

  14. Thanks, Kari! That's so funny that we're doing such similar colours - I'll be in red and blue tomorrow.


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