Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Was a Teenaged Dress Week - The Return of the Brown Boots

I'm really jonesing for fall - and I'm digging into the depths of my closet for my boots. I really wanted to do these boots with this dress before it got too cold (as the dress is not lined, and will stick to tights).
Added the cardi for warmth in my frigid office, Grandma J's necklace and that was all I needed with this bold pattern. Probably won't wear this dress again for a while as the hem came down today and I am notoriously lazy about repairs...yeah, yeah, I'll get to it.

The stuff:
Yup, that's stuff all right.

Dress (no label, thrifted, vintage), cardigan (Jacob), boots (Roberto Vianni), necklace (Listner, Grandma J's, vintage), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Do you find when a dress has no lining that it sticks to your tights? I've been depressed to have to invest in slips. Boo! They annoy me.

  2. Gorgeous dress! I love the print, and it is beautiful with boots.

    So would wearing a half-slip under the dress prevent the clingy problem? I know it's not the "hippest" thing, but I just took an old long slip of my mom's and cut it short enough that it won't show under skirts, and it helps a lot with unlined dresses.

  3. The pattern on that dress is so cool. I love it! :)

  4. I LOVETH that dress! Such a pretty print and it fits you perfectly. Yay for the return of the boots, too!

  5. Oh I'm lazy too. I get a pile and head to the seamstress at the dry cleaning place.

    Really pretty pattern!

  6. Bring the dress in--I'll toss it under the sewing machine when I'm doing your other dress. As soon as my sewing table gets repaired.

    I love this dress. (don't worry; it won't fit me LOL)

  7. Wendy, YES, it is the most annoying thing in the world. I hav nothing against slips (they are nice and warm too), but they are annoying, you are so right.

    Kari, thanks! The print is what drew me to it. I find with slips or half-slips, that if even a smidge of a cotton dress is touching tights, the dress will ride up...which means that the slip is always in danger of showing. I also don't like white or black or beige under a bold colour pattern, those are the main colours slips come in. If I had a turquoise slip, I'd be laughing!

    Thanks, Kaylyn!

    Thanks, FA! Yay for boots!

    Sher, I am lucky to have a friend with a sewing machine. Thanks!

    Aw, thanks, Ruth - I will bring it in when I wash it. Let me know when the sewing table is fixed! Ha! If it fits you, you are welcome to wear it - one day!


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