Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Molly Wannabe in Pink

I may not ever have mentioned this, but when I was a teenager, I really wanted to be like Molly Ringwald in "The Breakfast Club", but even more, like her in "Pretty in Pink" (I own it on DVD). I actually watched PiP a few months ago, and wow, I loved all the clothes in it (on her and on Annie Potts) and since then, I've been looking for little bits of florals, lace and of course, pink to incorporate into my wardrobe.

So, today's outfit:
My comfy brown dress with a lace stretch blouse with a fine plaid vest. And vintage-y jewelry:
That's my new Audrey Hepburn pendant (it's a picture lacquered onto a Scrabble tile - an "E") that I got on vacation this past weekend. Also my pink necklace that I love but rarely wear - aha! but maybe I will now with all this new pink in my wardrobe.

The stuff:
These shoes were actually on the chopping block until today. I've had them for about 4 years - they're from my "fat" wardrobe. But they are so comfortable and girly - I just love them.

A close-up of the jewelry:
I love all the different beads in that necklace.

Dress (Suzy Shier, consignment), blouse (Express, consignment), vest (Vero Moda), shoes (Kenzie), pink necklace (Le Chateau), Audrey pendant (gift shop), earrings (Aldo Accessories), mink pin (vintage).


  1. I LOVE this outfit. The place where the vest hits on you is great. I have such a hard time finding them to fit properly.

  2. I think the pink accents really suit you - love the pink necklace and the shoes are TDF! I have seen the scrabble tile necklaces here in NZ, but not one with Audrey on it - I want one!!!!!! Lol! Will have to keep an eye out :-)

  3. I have a Scrabble tile necklace too. I think they are a lot of fun and I always wonder if they are upcycled from unwanted Scrabble games (I hope) or if they are made from newly purchased tiles. I should have asked when I bought mine at the Etsy fair.

  4. i absolutely adore your pink shoes...i am pining for a pair of light/dusty mauve-like pink shoes for my wardrobe! love the vintage jewelry and vest! great look!

  5. As a redhead, I loved Molly in Breakfast club. But...not until last 6 months have I embraced pink.

    But you know me..brown girl..I love how it looks with pink!
    Love those shoes by the way! and the necklace....mmmmm need to write that idea down!

  6. Love love love this look! Especially your vest and wedges...swoon!

  7. I was totally enamored of Molly in ALL her John Hughes incarnations. Love your take on her looks!

  8. How very pretty Sheila.
    That mink pin is magnificent !

  9. That's an adorable homage to Pretty in Pink! I like the tile necklace.

  10. Thanks, Bianca! This is a great-fitting vest.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Kiltsnquilts, thanks! This tile necklace is handmade...it can't be that hard!

    Cool, Tina - what's yours? I think they must be used tiles.

    Eednic, thanks!

    Erin, I've been rigid against it. Must be my old age...I'm getting soft. Thanks so much.

    watergirl, thank you!

    Sal, she's still my idol. Thank you!

    Lorena, thanks. I love the pin.

    BAM, thanks!

  11. Mine is a goldfish:


  12. What a great outfit! I love the lace mixed with the plaid vest and skirt.


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