Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bugging Me - Somewhat Sombre

I felt a little dark today, but it's a nice change from all the brights and colour I normally do. I feel like this is subdued for me.
But it does have bugs! (Although, yes, I know spiders are not insects, but they're both arthropods).

The bluey top is new - it has a rounded square neckline and little seams of ruffles and satin on the bodice (very Ren Faire). It was $7 in a thrift store.
Othello is being Yowly McCrankypants tonight, so he gets a bit of cat weight-lifting.

My feet are blistered from my new runners (damn, I hate that breaking in period), and my knee is all puffy and turning pretty colours from curling. Kari, curling is very slippery - if you are clumsy like me, you are going to fall down. Personally, I don't like falling; it makes me feel brittle, so I am probably not going back to curling. I need to find a sport that has a lesser incidence of accidental injury.

Anyway, the skirt is also new - it's dark grey wool with a fine pinstripe. The high waist gives it a nice 40s look, I think.

The stuff:
My dark green Fluevogs! I love them but they are a snug fit (and a size 10, how hilarious is that after yesterday's size 8s?).

I wore the bug brooch on my skirt waistband.
He's coming to get you!

Cardigan (Vero Moda), top (Ricki's, thrifted), skirt (Gap, consignment), shoes (Fluevog), bracelet (The Cobbler), earrings (Plum?), brooch (Le Chateau), ring (gift from Mom and Dad, c. 1985).


  1. Are you really strong or is that a lightweight cat?

  2. Ah yes, fall is here. It's time for a darker palette. I love the heel on those shoes, by the way.

  3. Is cat lifting a new sport?
    I don't think I could try that with my dog!
    The outfit works very well. I love the shape of the skirt and the neat outline with the top.
    You can take dark colours well. I always look totally washed out.

  4. Very chic!
    Hope your knee and feet get better.I also have dainty feet when it comes to new trainners.It's just not nice.

  5. I believe she is kick butt strong...

    Love the bug at the waistband! And sigh..the shoes are awesome..

    I might have to copy that t-shirt w/the ruffles on it, been "redoing" t-shirts....

  6. I really like the muted colors on you, and I like the differnt siloutette you are getting with the tie-neck cardi. And now I am on a mission to come steal that brooch. Love it!

  7. I love the look and the pin in the waistline.. and the Fluevogs !!!!

  8. Lovely outfit! That skirt is fab and I love the spider broach!

  9. Would the cat put up with 10 reps?

    Love the bug jewelry!

  10. He probably weighs about 10 pounds, Wendy. I'm low to average strong.

    It's still holding off a little bit here, Cat, but I'm going try to stay bright! I know, lovely heel, isn't it? Fluevog is known for their amazing heels.

    Jane, it should be! I have actually seen articles about using a floppy cat as a weight (some cats like it). Thanks so much - I do punch up my make-up a bit with darker colours.

    Thanks, nurmisur! My knee is now turning aubergine. My feet are feeling better already.

    Erin, I wish! My legs are strong, but my upper body could use some more strength. Thanks so much - I love the bugs. What a great idea! You have to try that.

    Thanks, Tina! I like the hang of this cardi too. If I spot another brooch like this, I'll grab it for you - this one was only $9 (but that was about 6 years ago).

    Thanks, Sal!

    Lorena, thank you! I love my 'Vogs.

    Thanks, watergirl.

    Northmoon, I know he would! Ha! He actually enjoys being carried around. Thanks!

  11. I adore this outfit, beginning to end, my favourite colour palette and style. I want to steal your clothes!

  12. WWWYG - thanks! Me too! You'd like my bug scarf.

    Sheryln - you found me! Thanks so much!

  13. Ohh, that's the sweater like my new fuschia one. I was too dazzled by the pretty blue top to see it the first time; I love how tiny the ruffles are on the top!

    I admire you for taking up curling; my husband has threatened having us do it...maybe I should remind him this winter!

  14. It's hard to see the black, sorry, Kristen. Uh, I pretty much gave up on curling - I just wanted to try it, but it's not my thing. However, you might like it - try it!


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