Monday, September 14, 2009

Red and Orange and Patterns, Oh My!

I'm desperately trying to squeeze wear out of summery items before I get into full-on sweater mode. The weather has been cooperating, so I'm wearing as many open-toed shoes and short sleeves as I can!
I have only worn this top once before, but I love it - red and orange are awesome colours. Today, I put it with my favourite plaid pants and sandals. However, knowing that the A/C at work would blast frigid air at me all afternoon, I brought another patterned item to work to keep warm:
My lovely shawl/giant scarf that Mom got me in London! I thought the colours went well with the outfit, and it was so nice and snuggly.

The stuff:
Ooh, all that red and orange just makes me happy.

Blouse (Bianca Nygard, consignment), cami (Esprit), pants (Vero Moda), belt (Plum), shoes (Nine West), copper cuff (Renoir, Grandma J's, 1950s/60s vintage), earrings (Plum), shawl (gift from Mom).


  1. A great mash-up of warm, autumnal tones.

  2. Nice!!!
    The shawl really kicks up the outfit!

    I too am trying to get the last push, and weather has been wonderful.

    Going to my closet to look for red and orange.....

  3. Love the colors, very nice outfit.

    Yes, Sheila, I am an NFL gal! I love pro football.

  4. The red and orange looks good on you. And that shawl is perfect.

  5. I love the cuff! And that shawl is so beautiful. I think I need to buy one to keep at my office. It's always so cold in here!

  6. Thanks, Jane!

    Wendy, thanks - I think I look silly, but I don't mind.

    Sal, thanks!

    Erin, thank you. I love that summer is still hanging on.

    Thanks, Chris - woo hoo! Always great to meet another woman who loves football!

    Thanks so much, Leah! And thank you for commenting on my blog - I will check yours out.

    Kaylyn, so do I. I think I need a shawl at work all the time too!

  7. Love the orange colors on you. And - of course... I'm in love with your shoes. Nine West is one of my favorites!

  8. Shoe junkies unite! Thanks, Londyn! Me too - but they are tough to find up here in Canada sometimes.

  9. Love the outfit and the color combination. It's good that weather is cooperating :)

  10. Thanks, nurmisur! It's cooler in the mornings, but we've been lucky with warm temperatures this week. I love it!


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