Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Was a Teenaged Dress Week - Yellow and Black

I wanted to get one more wear out of this gorgeous dress before cold weather sets in. This butter yellow cotton/poly eyelet is just not cold weather-friendly.
I quite liked it with the checked jacket and 50s-era accessories. If I look unimpressed, it is because this is a morning picture - I had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so I took the bus to work. Oh joy.

No "stuff"picture, but it's fairly clear what the stuff is from in the above photo, I think: black kitten heel shoes, black bracelet, black belt and black earrings.

Off to book club!

Dress (no label, consignment), jacket (Smart Set), shoes (Wild Diva), belt (Plum), bracelet (Le Chateau), earrings (the Cobbler).


  1. I love this! The soft yellow with that jacket looks great. Yes, very 50's, very classic. And it looks fantastic on you.

    Hope the dentist wasn't too painful.

  2. I love this dress. It's so pretty. And it really looks so good with the jacket over it.

  3. Thanks, Chris! Eh, it was the dentist - it's always an ordeal.

    Tina, thanks!

    Kaylyn, thank you.


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