Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Extravaganza (and a Bumped Knee)

I am exhausted. I went to a curling workshop tonight - curling the sport, it's one of those obligatory Canadian things - if you're Canadian, you have to try curling at least once. Anyway, it is now 9:25pm and I am tired and want to lay on the couch. See? There's the time on the Dolphins clock:
I went shopping this weekend and hit all my favourite consignment stores, so there will a parade of new-to-me items all week. Today: this gorgeous skirt, these fab shoes and one of the necklaces.

The skirt is Alfred Sung and is likely early 80s (it's a size 12, which is a dead giveaway, since I'm usually in the 4 to 8 range - amazing how sizing has changed!). It was a steal at $40.

I've been keeping my eye out for a neutral "nude" shoe that had some funk to it - this pair fit the bill perfectly...and would you believe, they are never worn! Never worn! I'm flabbergasted! But I know exactly why: they are labeled size 8, but they would be huge on a real size 8. I'm anywhere from a large 8.5 to a 10 in shoes and my feet have plenty of room in these. I bet someone bought them and discovered they were way too big. They even still had the box and the shoe bag! They were $45.

Oh, here I am examining the goose egg on my knee from whacking it on the ice:
You can see the shape of the heel of the shoe well there.

The stuff:
The necklace with the green stones is Mom's, from the early 60s, I think. The other double-strand necklace is new - it has a key, a lock and a heart on it. It also had that big silver locket, but it made such a racket, I took it off.

A close-up:
I'll probably still use the locket on a chain, but not with other pendants.

By the way, I am still going to do the "what I eat" post, but maybe not till later in the week. I am just swamped right now with work...

Vest (Le Chateau, gift from Ruth), blouse (Esprit), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage, consignment), nude fishnets (don't remember, Hue?), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), necklace (Mom's, vintage), necklace (Plum), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Hi, Sheila-beautifull outfit, as usual!
    Please take it easy, ever you will do that post, will be of a great help!
    Just popped in to say you inspired me to start fast walking last week.:-)
    I usually ride my car to work, cca. 17km far(one way -in the contry side), but on my way home, I'm changing my clothes yet in the office, stop with the car earlier on my way, and make my 2x1,6km fast walking on the biker's way ahead and back to the car(cca 40 min), and finally home(by car). I have stollen this ideea from You, cause after I usually got home, no more spirit and time for any extra sports, except the household, and family...:-))
    (Thus, I used to go on the threadmill/elliptic, but in the last times my head's movement up and down in the room botherred me a great ideea this FW!)

    Now, I am somehow later to home, but have my job well done. Hope to keep this good habit for rainy/and colder days, too... So happy with this!
    Thanks again you for the inspiration!!!:-))

  2. I guess I have to try curling one of these days. I've seen it's a big thing around here. But first I have to understand hoquei and basebal rules and maybe learn how to ice-skate.So much to learn, so little time.
    Love to see you in green.

  3. Those nude shoes are killer! What a find ...

  4. I love that skirt! (Sparkles - whee!)

    I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of those shoes. A nude heel is one of my wardrobe "must haves!"

  5. Love love love the skirt. And it's amazing how it looks so toned down with the vest.

    I went a curling workshop once. It was so much fun! Sadly there's not realy much opportunity to do ti here. I guess we're a little too far away from Canada.

  6. Neat, I love the shoes!

    Is curling fun? I am always entertained by the concept but haven't tried it myself.

    Hope your knee feels better soon.

  7. Thanks, Lyne! I'm so thrilled that you've started walking - good for you! That's exactly why I walk to get to and from work: because if I wait till I get home, I won't do it. Thank you for letting me know, I'm really happy for you.

    Thanks, Jane!

    Nurmisur, eh, you could skip it and not miss much - it was not my cup of tea. I don't watch hockey or baseball, either (but I love NFL football!). Thank you!

    Sal, I know, I was so excited to find them!

    Eednic, that made me laugh - thanks!

    Thanks, Kasmira, yes, I love the sparkles too. I wasn't sure about the nude shoe, but I like how you've worked it.

    Tina, I'm so glad it worked! I got a couple of odd looks, but my coworkers are pretty much used to my whackiness anyway by now. Thanks! Aw, too bad about the curling - it just wasn't my thing.

    Kari, thanks! I won't knock it, as lots of people love it, but it wasn't really for me.

  8. Love the green jacquard skirt! (Slowly catching up with blog posts, LOL!)

  9. Thanks, Kristen! I love the lace - it has a taupe lining. No worries about catching up!


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