Monday, September 28, 2009

The 2nd Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! Day 1

Okay, Day 1! And we're off!

Unfortunately, since yesterday when I sorted all this out, the weather has gone from lovely and warm to cold and rainy. Fortunately, I planned for lots of layers.

And although I have a fair bit of black in my challenge wardrobe this year (due to having to plan for a funeral), I really wanted to try mixing patterns and textures. Today's outfit is the mix of the patterned dress and the striped tights. Woo, she's wacky!
First up is the dress with the black cardigan over it, belted. Added my awesome new tights (a freebie item, yay!) and the red Fluevogs:
Heh, I put my leg up on the table to take that picture.

The stuff:
I'll be wearing the same earrings every day, and using the bracelet and belt frequently.

I hope I don't OD on any of these pieces, like I did with the belt in last year's challenge. I tried to plan so that I wore each major item twice, max 3 times.


  1. Great look-- I'm so needing to hit the Fluevog store.

  2. That dress is awesome. I love your "wacky" pattern mixing, Sheila. No one does it like you!

  3. I love your selection and today's ensemble looks very Sheila. It made me laugh seeing the picture of your leg - I thought you had lain down on the floor and was trying to imagine the weird angle.
    Hope the weather gets better for you.

  4. Well, we know you won't OD on the Fleuvs! How could you? ;)

  5. I like the lean black cardi over the printed dress. Very cute. The striped tights are a great contrast. Very nice!

  6. Ha! I can picture you trying to get that leg shot right !
    I should try and slip in some tights...
    I'm doing the same earrings all days too !

  7. Love the tights!

    Inspired by your Fluevog-wearing, I decided to pull out my Fluevog maryjanes today, which I haven't worn in a while. Turns out my fat feet were stopping my toes from sliding forward and getting smooshed against the squared-off front of the shoe. Now that they are not so fat, I have major smooshage. Dammit.

  8. Thanks, Wendy! Get yourself some 'Vogs!

    Thanks, Kari - I love the silky feel of it. Aw, thanks! I know my style is a little cuckoo. :)

    Thanks, Jane! I think I have progressed quite a lot in my experimentation since I did the challenge last year. Ha! I know the leg looks weird like that. Nah, we're into rainy season now - that's what it's like on the west coast of Canada.

    Sal, you're so right - never!

    Thanks, Alison! I love the tights - they will see a lot of wear.

    Actually, Lorena, it was pretty easy to do, just like doing a stretch.

    Thanks, Sherylyn! Me too. Aw, that sucks about your Fluevogs! You should consign them for a bundle.

  9. LOL! Love the leg shot!

    The pattern mixing is cleverly done. I like!

  10. B/C - thanks!

    Kristen, ha, glad you enjoyed that! Thanks so much!

  11. This outfit looks great. Love the pattern mixing. I'm sure that you're going to do a great job with this challenge...have fun!


  12. Elaine! Drop me an email - it has been too long. Thanks so much.


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