Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mucking About...And a Birthday Outfit for Ruth

Happy Birthday, Ruth! Too bad you didn't get to see this outfit in person.
I found some new shoes last night on the way home. They called to me.

Hard to see in the above picture, but I'm wearing fishnets! Woo, sexy for work...probably not appropriate, but only about 10 people saw me in the entire building all day. Ah, well.

The stuff:
I forgot to pack earrings today. Aren't those shoes amazing? And yes, that's a bandaid that I'm using to "size" my ring. Oh, the shame!

As you can see, I've been mucking about with my blog colours and layout. I get tired of the same old thing. Thoughts?

Dress (Max Studio), shoes (Qupid, consignment), necklace (don't recall), ring (Fossil), ring (vintage, Sarah Cov).


  1. Love the new blog layout. And those shoes - v impressive. But can you (fast) walk in them?

  2. Love the new blog layout and colours, the fishnets look great - but the shoes steal the show!! Love them!!! Not surprised they called out to you, in fact, I am surprised I didn't hear them first Lol!! :-))

  3. dang! that's a saucy dress! and those shoes are also quite hubba hubba!

  4. OMG, I want those shoes! I love the black dress, too. Chic outfit!

  5. Very Pretty Lady !
    Dress fits you marvelously..
    You look super Sheila !
    And... I love the shoes.

  6. Whew! Those shoes are superfab!

  7. gorgeous platform on those shoes. oh, my. and the LEGS! wow! look at you! i have a friend who wears fishnets to work all of the time and lamented not being able to find a "toned-down" version for a funeral. heh.

  8. My favourite LBD!
    Thanks, Sheila, for brightening my day :)
    I have decided that, once it cools off enough to wear stockings, I am going to embrace the fishnets. Going sleeveless, even bare-legged used to be considered a "no no" for work but no more .... it's time!
    IN FACT, I'm going to wear fishnet stockings AND a garter belt to work. HA!

  9. Thanks, Jane! No, these shoes are good for walking to the photocopier only.

    Kiltsnquilts, thank you! Yes, their siren song was oh so strong.

    Eednic, thanks! My husband is not very impressed with the shoes - I don't think men "get" shoes like women do.

    FA, I knew you'd love these! Thanks!

    Lorena, thank you! I love that the dress is so loose and comfy.

    Thanks, Sal! They were a great find.

    TSS - thanks! You are too kind. I usually don't wear real fishnets because they are too overtly sexy - I usually do a "micro" fishnet which is more like a textured nylon (and they make them in beige/nude).

    Ruth, that's why I wore it! I'm glad you liked it even if you weren't there. Woo hoo - you should totally do fishnets. And a garter belt? You go, girl!

  10. Woo, you do have fun shoes, Sheila! Fierce!

    I usually flatiron my hair a little, but it's mostly just to shape the pieces that like to go their own way. Also, I like to at least partly air-dry my hair (if I have time.) It seems to do OK with minimal heat daily as long as I condition the ends.

  11. Thanks, Kari!

    I have been flatironing my hair a bit more lately (I need it cut, bad!). If I let my hair air-dry, it goes all fluffy and wavy. I am vigilant with the conditioner too.


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