Friday, May 9, 2008

Dress Week - Casual Friday means a Denim Dress!

Benefits to taking one's picture in the morning before work:
- my makeup hasn't melted off my face
- I look awake

Cons of taking one's picture before work in the morning:
- I show every drop of the wine I drank last night
- I am barely awake.

Denim dress (Ricki's), mustard cami (barely visible, Inwear), brown leather belt (uh...don't remember, probably Plum), wood earrings and bracelet (Oscar & Libby's), gold kitten heels (Feet First).

This dress is so nice and comfortable, and flattering! I feel very girly, classic and pretty in this. I went shopping tonight with Mom for her birthday. We go every year (last year was to NYC), and I buy her an outfit. Got to keep my mom looking like the fashionable diva she is!

Funny story: she says she knew that my fashion-conscious ways had rubbed off on her when she went to do some sort of chore (jumping my brother's car, I think) and she changed because she couldn't go out in her sweats! The horror! Good job, Mom, I've taught you well.

Great shopping trip; Mom got a lovely black/white/grey faux wrap dress, black belt, cobalt blue jacket (all my gift), some pants, some walking shorts, a couple of tops. I got a pink jacket. Yes, a pink jacket. It's really pink, like baby pink. It's so not me that it is me, you know? It's a fabulous style...wait till you see it. It's very Chanel. I also got a great long grey fitted jacket - that "fingertip" length that was very big around 1999. I always liked that length; it gives a nice long, lean column down the front when it's open. I also got a grey top with some embelishment on the front. Cute.

We shopped for a couple of hours. Ruth and I had taken a long lunch today after the bosses left, so I'd already done a large part of the mall, but didn't look in any of the stores that Mom likes to go in.

Anyway, I wore shoes that I knew I could shop in: They are not the cutest shoes ever (another remnant of my "fat clothes" days), but they are really comfy. My feet are sore now, though.

Ah, 9:15: time for wine. Happy weekend!

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