Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asstastic Blue Shoes and the Revival of the BR Dress

I wanted to wear this dress again - I can't believe I've only worn it once since I bought it almost a year ago! I actually had to try it on last night to make sure it still fit. It did!
Then I noticed it sort of matched this scarf, and then of course I had to wear these blue shoes. Toss on the cardi and some accessories and I was pleased.
"Inigo, why must you be in the shot?"

The dress has the coolest folds at the bust and the waist - I could practically keep my wallet in there! Bus fare! Lipstick!
I really liked how the mustard cami went with the burgundy and blue, and how the scarf went with all of those colours without being an exact match.

The stuff:
Ah, the shoes. I dub thee "asstastic". You, blue shoes, are ass. Your colour is rubbing off and you are white underneath! You scuff if I look at you! You rub my toe and are a bit too big - you nearly took me down twice today.

But you, blue shoes, are also fantastic. Your rich cerulean blue, your oh-so-80s pointy toes and stiletto heels. Your shiny silver lining! How can you be so beautiful and still be so...ass?

I need to find new blue shoes in this colour and style that are more high quality. I am looking forward to January when I can buy new shoes again!

Dress (Banana Republic), cardigan (Express, thrifted), shoes (Ann Michelle, consignment), scarf (thrifted), bracelet (Lucky Brand), earrings (don't remember), ring (Fossil).


  1. You crack me up! The shoes are the perfect blue though. Love that dress, so cute.

  2. I love this dress!! The details at the bustline are really special!

  3. Oh goodness, please don't let another year go by before you pull out this dress again. It is magnificent! I love the rich color & the fit is perfect on you.

  4. I LOVETH the dress!!! And that scarf is the perfect touch.

  5. You have a cat just like my dog - can't wait to get in on the act. I think the blue and the mustard work very well together.

  6. What a fabulous dress. And scarf. And shoes. Great outfit!!

  7. Those shoes are amazing with that dress! The color combo would never have occurred to me.

  8. Eee! I almost bought that same dress from BR - so regret passing on it. It looks just fantastic on you, doll.

  9. that dress is hubba hubba foxy! you look fantastic in it! love all the colors you combined today as well. i think this may well be one of my favorite outfits of yours so far!

  10. I love the dress, the color, the cut, the front detail !!
    I can't believe so much time passed since you wore it last... but i know, that happens :(

  11. Love the dress. I also love the shoes. Will you tell us again how you rewarded yourself after you loss weight? I mean how did you do it after certain markers? I think you said shoes. Makes good sense! You look nice and trim as always. I keep remembering I can do it too.

  12. I love dresses that have tucks and pleats and your is great. The whole outfits looks very nice on you.

  13. That dress is AWESOME! It is criminal that you haven't worn it in a year. That's crazypants! Don't do it again.

  14. Hey I love cats inserting themselves in photos! Nice details on the dress.

  15. Hee, I know, I totally have to find another pair this colour. Thanks, Alison!

    Bianca, thank you - yes, I always look for details in things.

    Kari, I know, I know - I had it in my brain that this was a "going out" dress and that I couldn't wear it to work. So wrong! Thank you so much.

    FA - Ooh, I know I've done good when you start "-eth"ing! Thank you!

    Jane, it's so cute though - I can't resist. Thank you!

    Christy, thanks!

    Wendy, wow, that's such a huge compliment, since you're such a fashionista! Thank you so much!

    Thank you! Sal, I got it on clearance last October for about $49.99, and I know they had it again for the Christmas/winter season - keep your eye out!

    Eednic, thanks! I'm so flattered - that' a high standard to live up to! Yikes!

    Thank you, Lorena! I do too! I know, I'm so bad. :-P

    Anonymous, thank you. I'll add that to my list of questions and will address it in a post when I have a chance.

    Thank you very much, Chris. I like that too - it's the details that make an item special.

    Ha, Kristen, yup, put me in the slammer! Slap my hand! I promise I won't do it again.

    Thanks, Northmoon, and thank you for commenting!

  16. Your discussion with your shoes cracked me up. I have that same asstastic relationship with a couple of pairs of shoes. Ugh. You folds on your dress are amazing, BTW. You look stunning.

  17. So you understand, Tina - I hate when I have that love/hate relationship with shoes. Thanks so much!

  18. I love the folds on that dress. I forgot how much I envy your dress collection!

  19. Hey, Cat, great to see you! Thanks very much.


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