Friday, September 25, 2009

Casual Friday - A Lady in Dragon and Flames

Ah, Friday! How welcome you are!

I built my whole outfit around one item today...but we'll get to that shortly as I strip down. To start, it's 5 to 8 in the morning, and whoa! I am amazed at how awake I look.

Fake it till you feel it, indeed.
That's my gorgeous new red bag. I finally gave up my Betsey Johnson leopard bag (shown here, ha, I also said "fake it till you feel it" in that post, too funny); the pockets had all blown and it had lost its shape altogether. So while I was sitting having lunch last Saturday in my favourite diner, I emptied everything into this bag and gave ol' Betseyville to my dear waitress, Sarah.
It's the first wear of the season for this jacket. I love this jacket so much - it is all kinds of awesomeness - however, it is a love it/hate it thing, I've found.

Jacket off, but I had it on all day:
I am committing a major faux pas by tucking my thin sweater into my jeans (otherwise, I have escaping muffin-top). The horror!

The dragons!
I planned to stop at Shi Studio tonight after work, so I deliberately wore these shoes, because they remind me so much of all the gorgeous fabrics they use in their wearable art. They had a big sale on, and I bought a bunch of amazing stuff. I'll be doing a theme week after next week's Capsule Wardrobe Challenge to showcase all the great pieces I bought. Shout out to Cory and all the fab ladies there! Thanks for the wine!

The stuff:
Oh, now we're getting there. This necklace was the jumping off piece. L bought it for me at a fair he was at last weekend. Isn't that sweet? The tile is made of a wooden domino.

He was attracted to the image on the tile, which reminded him of the Lady in Chains on the back cover of Leonard Cohen's first album, "Songs of Leonard Cohen."

This is the image, but don't buy this album - go buy a real Cohen album.
And here's the necklace, close up:

Have a great weekend! I will be doing my food post at some point.

Jacket (Bebe, consignment), sweater (Jacob, consignment), jeans (Seven7, gift from Caro), belt (gift from Ruth), shoes (Aldo), earrings (gift from L), necklace (locally made, gift from L), ring (consignment), bag (Grace).


  1. Sheila - the jacket and notebook arrived. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts - you are so kind.
    I love today's outfit and the way the jacket brings the jeans and t-shirt ensemble into a differen tleague. Great bag too!
    Have alovely weekend.

  2. Those shoes sorta match an Ossie Clark jacket of mine. We will have to introduce them :-)

  3. Those are some kicka$$ shoes, lady! I love them.

  4. Love your accessories, but I am most struck by your awesome jeans. They look so fantastic on you!

  5. Thanks, Kari! They are easily my favourites - my girlfriend gave them to me, lucky me!

  6. You look amazing Sheila, loving the bag and I am stealing your shoes....

  7. I don't see the fashion faux pas here with your sweater. It looks amazing tucked into your jeans. Your legs look miles long and it really emphasizes how slim you are.

  8. Oh, thanks, Tina! I know you're not "supposed" to tuck in sweaters, but I thought this was thin enough I could get away with it. Your fashion approval is much appreciated. :)


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