Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge - 1 Skirt, 3 Ways - Day #3

Day 3 of the Skirt Challenge and I am loving it! In fact, I plan to carry on and wear this skirt right through to Friday (so that I can get a Casual Friday in there)!

Today's outfit:
My office-mate Bonnie gave me a pair of her earrings that belonged to her mom (aw! thank you so much, Bonnie! I wish you'd been there today to see it in person), so I built the outfit around them. Yellow cardi (nice and Spring-y), green cami, picking up more green in the net tights and shoes, and then the skinny brown belt to tie it all together.

I would have gone with a slight thicker belt next time (if I owned one) but otherwise, I liked this outfit.

A shot of the tights - they are a mossy green. The ribbon trim on the shoes is also a mossy green. Sorry all my shots are a little blurry...I was up rather late last night.
The fab shoes, and the accessories:
The earrings look 80s era to me. The bracelet is my mom's, liberated from her jewelry box back in about 1984 (I remember wearing it to high school).

The brooch - yes, that is a shovel - has been mine even longer. It's Mom's as well, but I got it when I was about 12 years old. I had this striped tunic top (very 70s) with a low slash neckline - this is in the Days Before Camisoles - and I was very self-conscious about my boobs, so Mom gave me this pin to hold the neckline closed. Honestly, I don't think I have worn this in 30 years.

Off to aikido!

Cardigan (no label, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Suzy Shier), belt (Bianca Nygard), hose (don't recall), shoes (Hale Bob), earrings (gift from Bonnie), bracelet & pin (Mom's, 60s/70s vintage). Is it just me, or is anyone else freaked out that 60s & 70s are now vintage??


  1. Well, I missed day 3!! Loved the sweater with that skirt - nice and bright! Glad you liked the earrings...she was a shut in for about 10 years before she died, and bought many, many huge earrings. Wish I had more to give you....B

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    I have just scrolled through the pics and seen how you've worn the skirt. It looks different every time.
    Has anyone at work noticed?

  3. Bonnie: I know! I totally forgot you weren't in today. I think the earrings are lovely, thank you again.

    Jane: I'm going to keep going and do the whole week - it's a really fun challenge to keep coming up with new ways to wear this. Surprisingly, I'm also not totally sick of the skirt, haha.

    I work in an enclosed department with 11 other people, so they all know about the blog (bonniecarmen and I share an office) and I told most of them about the challenge.

  4. We both must be the first to finish the challenge!
    Your outfits look great each time & I particularly love today's shoes

  5. I love how you've put all this together, and all the little details. Those shoes are adorable, and the tights are so funky and unique. Plus I love the spring colors - I am SO ready for spring!

  6. Springy indeed! The green and yellow are gorgeous together.

  7. I just love the layering at the waist line...very chic!

  8. Thanks, Sue! Aren't we just so fab? I adore these shoes.

    Trace, thanks! I am all about the details! I want spring too.

    Sal, thanks!

    Mervat, that actually wasn't planned. I'd forgotten how short the cardigan is, so I had to leave the cami hanging out.


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