Friday, March 27, 2009

Casual Friday - LBD and Jeans

After my successful first attempt at wearing a dress with jeans, I felt fairly confident that it would work again with a similar dress:
I've owned this dress for nearly 2 years but have worn it exactly once, because, frankly, it's pretty darned short. There's so much that I love about it, though: the wide funnel neckline, it's 100% wool, it fits perfectly, it was under $30 and it's a "Studio" Holt Renfrew label (again, not being a label snob, just thrilled to find such good quality so cheaply). Holt Renfrew is "the" big department store in Canada (we don't even have one in my city), known for very high-end goods. I have never set foot in one - I wonder if they have clearance racks? Probably event those are more expensive than I'm used to, ha!

But the featured item in this outfit is the new jewelry set Mom picked up for me in LA - thanks again, Mom! It's super lightweight and when I run my fingers through it, it sounds like rain. *smile* I love that.

A close-up:
It's little wooden beads threaded on small hoops that are then all connected together. Groovy.

Have a fab weekend!

Dress (Studio Holt Renfrew, consignment), jeans (Esprit), boots (Zara, consignment), necklace & earrings (gift from Mom).


  1. That dress looks great over jeans. You look so tall and lean. The jewelry your Mom picked out is really unique, very cool!

  2. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

    I recently started my own blog and I actually have a fashion contest once a week -- i hope you enter -- love your style ;)

  3. Love it! I'm not a label snob, but a good find is a good find.

  4. Thanks, Alison! Yeah, Mom has a good eye - she's an artist.

    Hi, and welcome, Shannon! I will check your blog out, thanks!

    MM: absolutely!

  5. You look great with the dress over jeans. You've got the perfect figure for it!!

  6. Very cute! What a great first experiment :}

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! i'm loving this outfit... especially how you accesorized it with that necklace.

  8. Thanks, Jane!

    Trace, aw, you are too kind.

    Thanks, Londyn - actually, this is the 2nd experiment.

    Diane - thanks!

  9. Yes, this is good. It's all I've been wearing for about two years now. I love it.

  10. Carollyne, you're such a fashion maven. ;)

  11. The jewelry is lovely, and the outfit reminds me of a mod sort of look, but with a contemporary sensibility.

    I've still not tried a dress w/pants, but I'm taking notes :)

  12. Thanks, Kayleigh! I was scared to do this look for the longest time. You can do it!


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