Monday, March 16, 2009

Early St. Patrick's Day?

...And moving right along...(note to self: skip future advice posts on men's fashion)

So! I planned my outfits in advance as usual, not even realizing that St. Patty's Day is tomorrow. And I only did green in one outfit, and I'm not monkeying with the outfits now.
I just wanted to wear this shirt today; it's one of my favourites.

A close-up of the chestal region. Look deeply into my new swirly're getting sleeeepy...

The stuff:
The first sighting of the ornate buckle belt since the last big Wardrobe Challenge!

Jacket (Jacob), blouse (Point Zero), suit skirt (Kensie), belt (Plum), shoes (Le Chateau), necklace (handmade, gift from Cat), ring (Caracol), crystal stud earrings.


  1. I love this early St Patty's Day outfit! The love the pattern of the shirt paired with the dizzy cocktail ring.

  2. WOW!!! You look great in this outfit. I love the print of that shirt. The white blazer is really nice.

    (I loved the Man Fashion post!)

  3. Love the pattern on that blouse. What a great way to celebrate St. Pat's without getting TOO greentastic. ;)

  4. Thanks, Hillary. You can see why this is a favourite shirt.

    Alison, thanks. I keep forgetting I have this jacket (I also have a longer one). So glad you liked the "man post".

    Sal, it's too cool, isn't it?

  5. Great outfit. Couldn't ask for a more "appropriate" print for St. Patrick's Day.

  6. Fun way to match the pattern in the shirt and on the ring. It's hypnotizing.

  7. green and brown, suprisingly refreshing combination which you rocked beautifuly! love your accessories!

  8. Hey, Modest Mom! Welcome! Thanks very much...I was a day early, though.

    Ooh, flashback, Jane?

    Cat, I totally forgot I bought this ring, and it went so well with the shirt! Happiness! must send me jewelry...

    Thanks, Diane!

  9. Gorgeous outfit, love the colors and print, and the jewelry is awesome....altho strangely I now feel the sudden need for a nap ;)

  10. Thanks, Kayleigh. Ha, I'll have to use the powers of this ring very carefully from now on.


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