Monday, March 9, 2009

Odd Molly Skirt and Suit Jacket

It feels kind of weird to be wearing a different skirt! I'd actually planned this outfit last week, before I found out about Jane's challenge, so I just carried it over to this week.
My lovely silk Odd Molly skirt again, but with a suit jacket this time. I had fun playing with the patterns in this outfit: the double pattern of the skirt (the "border" is the skirt lining peeking out), the pinstripe in the fitted shirt, and the red and blue pinstripe in the jacket.

The stuff:
A note about my pictures, since it's been mentioned a few times: I'm sorry that they're dark and that sometimes it's hard to see the colours. This is the brightest room in my condo and I'm using the den's central light, plus a desk lamp aimed at me. I hate how the flash on the camera washes everything out, so I don't use it. You should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger, and I always try to use one of the clothing pieces as my "background" so that you can see texture.

As we just had Daylight Savings (or whatever the Spring equivalent is), the light will be brighter here in the den going forward, but I take my pictures mostly in the evening when I'm home from work, and sometimes it's dark outside. And yes, I have a cheap camera.

I'm not feeling very well's come upon me all sudden-like (plague, I'm sure). Forgive me if I sound cranky.

Suit jacket (Vero Moda), blouse (Vero Moda), skirt (Odd Molly, consignment), shoes (Bleka), necklace (don't remember), earrings (Gracie Rose).


  1. You look wonderful today. I'm sorry to hear that you are getting the crud. I love the pattern and colors in that skirt. I just wore those shoes (Well, my knockoffs)just last week. They are so cute.

  2. That skirt is superfabulous! And just love the pattern play.

  3. what a fun skirt!!
    Take care, hope your got some rest.
    I need to start copying your section with your accessories and shoes, it really helps tie everything together.Thanks!

  4. Oh, I love this outfit - you look so cute!

  5. I love the flirty skirt and the sensible jacket - so playful.

  6. Thanks, Alison. I'm trying to not get sick through sheer force of will. I love the skirt - will keep the shoes until they are no longer trendy.

    Thanks, Sal! I'll show off the lining next time.

    Thanks, Erin! I will check out your blog soon.

    Thanks, Goober.

    Thanks, Jane. I like the short jacket with a full skirt.

  7. I love the skirt! Daylight Savings is washing out my pics. I try to take them outside in the morning, but it's not as bright. Oh well... I may have to switch it up.

    Feel better!

  8. I don't have access to outdoors when I take my photos - I might move out onto the deck when it's lighter at night.

  9. You look just lovely! I adore that skirt, it's so fun looking. Love the shoes also. I like your style.


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