Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disaster Averted...but, the Wrong Shade of Red

Well, this is just turning into one of those weeks.

My outfit today was based around my new turquoise skinny belt, picked up for a mere $6 on clearance at the Bay a couple of weeks ago. I checked out the length in the store, seemed fine. But then when I went to put it on over my high-waisted pencil skirt at work this morning...
Uh-oh, the belt's too big. It sits a ways below my waist.

However, I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide and I'm nothing if not creatively resourceful. I eyed my trust steak knife/grapefruit knife (what? you don't keep a steak knife at your desk?), and with a couple of well-placed stabs, voila!
We have a new hole in the leather belt! But now there's all this excess I trimmed it off with the scissors and touched up the ends with a green and a blue highlighter (office supplies rock!) and look at that:
You can hardly tell! I'm so handy. Now I'm all happy again.
Unfortunately, the red tights are not the right shade: they have too much blue in them, as opposed to a nice tomato-y red (with orange tones). Oh well, can't win 'em all.

At least I was bootylicious:Thanks, Ruth! That made my day.

The stuff:I had fun mixing grey with brown - I wasn't sure it would work, but I like how it turned out. On a side note, I bought four of these wardrobe items while on shopping trips with Elaine - all different trips, too! - the blouse, the shoes, the shrug and the tights.

Shrug (Debut), blouse (Mexx), skirt (Le Chateau), belt (Bianca Nygard), hose (Hue), shoes (Jessica Simpson), bracelet (Mom's, Coro, vintage), silver hoops.


  1. Great job - you look lovely and slim in the skirt - did you manage to lose those extra pounds?

  2. That pencil skirt makes your waist look teeny-tiny!!

    I need to get one of those...

  3. Bootylicious indeed Madame!! Very ingenious of you...I have stabbed the odd belt in my time as well.

    BTW, Thank you for the confidence boost, asking me to appear in my outfits...I have now done that...still a little nervous though...


  4. I think you look very cute, love the color mixing even if the red is too blue. I did the same thing recently with a red studded belt... Unfortunately, I'll need to remove a couple of studs to get the belt to fit. I think I'm going to take to the shoe repair people and see if they can carefully remove the studs and put else where on the belt as one of the studs in the back is damaged.

  5. From where I sit, the tights look great with the outfit! And way to get crafty with that belt, lady.

  6. hahahah! i've been known to stab a belt or two in my day. you look fab!

  7. Thanks, Jane. I lost 2.4 pounds, but still have just under 3 to go. Mostly, my fit of gloom was hormonal. Yeah.

    Thanks, Jennie! Look for a high-waisted one - they really hold everything in.

    Mervat, thanks! I checked you out - you're gorgeous! You have no reason to be nervous.

    Thanks, Alison! A good cobbler should be able to look after that for you. Also look for a store that specializes in belts or leather - they can also help.

    Thanks, Sal. Yeah, I'm a crafty wiz, haha!

  8. You cracked me up with the belt redo, quite the inventive trooper you are, lol! And needing to make a belt smaller -- always a good thing :)

  9. Very funny before and after photos. Love the boy scout ingenuity.

  10. Heh, thanks, Kayleigh! Yeah, making is smaller feels nice.

    Thanks, Carollyne!

  11. Love this outfit as well as your poses in acting out the belt before and after fixes.


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