Monday, March 30, 2009

"Spring, Please!" Week - "You're Wearing Pants!"

I did a little thrift store shopping with my friend, Nat, on Sunday, and happily spent an hour yesterday putting together outfits for the week. Since it seemed like I had a theme going colour-wise, I thought I'd make this a Theme Week: "Spring, Please!"

Spring weather is taking its sweet time on getting here this year. It's hard to be appreciative of the few blossoms when it's raining.

Green and brown are nice and earthy, right? The whole "growing things"?
The sweater is new-to-me, found in a thrift shop for $9.50 (it's a silk blend, oooh). The "You're Wearing Pants" part of today's title is from the reaction of my office-mate, Bonnie, when she saw my outift. I guess I don't wear pants very often, haha.

I felt very long-legged today. I also like that the vest holds everything in nicely in the waist; I love when vests are in style.

The stuff:
My favourite "pumpkin pie" shoes (click here for a better picture of them). The green of the sweater is more acurate in the top photo.

Sweater (I.N.C., thrifted), vest (Vero Moda), pants (Mac & Jac), belt (Plum), necklace (Plum), gold hoop earrings, shoes (Unlisted).


  1. This ensemble is stunning on your. Your legs look 9 miles long, you waist looks tiny, and you have a nice hourglass shape. Very nice!

  2. I love the outfit. You look tall and very slim in the pants. I couldn't tell how high the heels are in the picture. Please post for me. Great day!

  3. You should feel long and lean in this outfit. It makes you look at least 5'10" and teeny tiny. Fun, fun! And those pumpkin pie shoes are just too cute.

  4. Ack! Pants! You do look fantastically long-legged in them, lady. And the vest is tops.

  5. Super tiny waist? Tick! Long legs that go on forever? Tick! A lady who is the complete package with a super friendly smile to boot? BIG Tick!

  6. you look gorgeous! and those pants are fantastic, you look amazing!

  7. Thanks, Tina!

    Anon, link to the last pics of the shoes was added for you. Thanks!

    Alison, I wish! Being 5'4" is not fun some days.

    Ha! Thanks, Sal. I love the vest.

    Thanks, Mervat! You're such a sweetie.

    Aw, Diane, stop, you've made me blush.

  8. I love your Plum jewelry, esp. this necklace. Please tell us if they have a website!

  9. Thanks, Anon. They do have a website (, but they are mostly clothes - the accessories that they carry are all different brands. I got this necklace about 4 years ago.


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