Friday, March 6, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge - 1 Skirt, 5 Ways - Day #5

Last day of the skirt!

I must say, I have really enjoyed this challenge - focussing it around one wardrobe piece has really pushed me creatively to come up with new ways to wear it. Although I've worn this skirt several times since I got it, one does tend to get lazy when planning outfits. Having to plan around one specific item has helped me branch out and look at new combinations, as well as dig through my closet and jewelry box for seldom-worn items.

For example, I don't think I've ever worn brown and grey together:
Hmmm...not sure exactly how awake I was this morning, but apparently I felt like stretching. Ha!
I had a lot of compliments on the tights - they're lots of fun.

The stuff:
I love these super pointy kitten heels from Cat. Added a little rock 'n' roll with the buckle belt, the ring and the big earrings (only worn once or twice since I bought them).

Surprisingly, I'm not totally sick of the skirt after a full week of it, either. I would do a variation on this challenge: one jacket/blazer or something like that.

Thanks for the fun, Jane!

Quiz for the weekend: which outfit did you like best? (scroll down, I'm too lazy to post a poll).

Day 1: Blue Business and Gladiators
Day 2: Caramel and Orange with Wedge Boot
Day 3: Spring Yellow and Green
Day 4: Texture Heaven
Day 5: Casual Friday Grey and Brown

Jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), turtleneck (Reitman's), skirt (Suzy Shier), tights (can't remember), belt (Jacob), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, gift from Cat), earrings (Plum), ring (Fairweather).


  1. Definitely day four! I take my hat off to you:)

  2. Love day four! And your poses as well as your tights are really awesome...esp the second pose :-)

  3. I liked day four best, but I really liked the yellow sweater in day 3! Regardless, I love the way you can combine things I never thought would go together, and it works! Bonnie

  4. Thanks, Jane! I like Day 4 best too.

    Diane, thank you - I've been trying to shake up my poses a bit.

    Bonnie, thanks! It's been a really fun challenge.

  5. I thought the shape in day 4 was best, but I really liked the color in day 2. All of the outfits were very creative and enjoyable.

    I gotta ask, did anyone at your office comment on wearing the same skirt 5 days in a row?

  6. Lain, I work in a really small department in my company's building, so most of my coworkers knew about my challenge. The few that didn't, didn't notice.

  7. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I've read thru it all and enjoyed it. is there something you can do about the lighting. I can't distinguish between the colors of your outfits. It's very frustrating! Looking forward to seeing more. By the way, I love your fashion savvy.

  8. Hi, Lucy! Glad to have you on board - yikes, you read the entire thing? Sorry about the lighting - I'm limited by the available light in my condo (see note in today's post). It will get better as it gets lighter in the evenings.

    Thanks so much for commenting!


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