Thursday, March 19, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Gawkin'

Oh, the boots. The sweet, sweet boots.
Okay, the dress is pretty cool too, I'll admit it. I actually got a thumbs up from one of my male co-workers on this outfit today.

The stuff:
Love that plaid. It's got all the good colours in it.

But really, let's not fool ourselves. For today, it was all about the boots:
The Blind Faith Hi "Rebecca" by John Fluevog. *sigh* Aren't they awesome? The zig-zag stitching up the side, the two metal studs, the striped heel and the rock 'n' roll industrial zippers up the front (the front!).

The colour is peat (aka brownish black). The characteristics of the Blind Faith Hi (the Hi refers to the heel height; there are also Blind Faith Mid and Lo) family are the striped wooden heels and the funky soles (souls?).
At the very bottom, it says "You need it to see where you are going."

I know where I am going in these!

Dress (Vero Moda), turtleneck (Kersh), belt (consignment), boots (Fluevog, gift from L), earrings (book club gift).


  1. You look super fab young lady! The heel, the boot, the dress...I can't decide who the final winner is so i guess it'll have to be a three-way tie!!

    PS: Unbelieveably my word verification is: LARBOOT!!!
    La boot indeed!! I can't get over it!

  2. YOu're right, no one can deny it, those boots are AMAZING! I have terrible shoe envy now.... and I have been avoiding going to the website, so thanks for giving me the link, now I am in love with those pumps with the chains... yikes.

  3. I didn't give that style a second look, but they're HOT on you, lady! Can't wait to get my studded Mary Janes from that line ...

    Just adore the plaid shirtdress, too.

  4. I have so been drooling over those boots!! Great pick. I love them!! I guess I will have to enjoy them vicariously through you, so... Wear them often and take lots of pictures ok?

    I love that dress too. Perfect colors.

  5. Love the heel on those boots! There are so many "extras" in this outfit - its great!

  6. Awesome outfit! I love the plaid. The belt and the great boots keep it from looking too country for lack of a better word. Very nice!

  7. Again, its amazing what a saucy boot or shoe can do for your attitude cant it??
    You look STUNNING!

  8. Great boots. It must be warmer where you are.

  9. Thanks, Mervat! Ha, how sychronous.

    Hi, and welcome, LeeHovey. They have some amazing stuff.

    Sal, I looked on the site before going to the store, and I didn't even look at these, but how amazing in person. Thanks!

    Great taste, Alison! I will try to wear them often, although not much wear time left before spring, I hope.

    Kimberly, thanks!

    MM: thank you! I love the plaid too - and I am just not a country girl.

    Erin, you are so right. Thanks!

    Jane - hmmm, I don't know about that. I was nice and toasty in this with my boots and sweater.

  10. I love your boots Hun very cute and nice blog!


  11. Boots. To. Die. For. <3 <3 <3
    The dress is also fab and I love that you pulled the red out for the belt. Very nice!

  12. Hi, Londynkouture, and welcome. Thanks very much! I will check your blog out.

    Hey, Leigh-Anna - girl is back, whoo hoo! I knew you'd love these boots! Thanks! I do love me a pop of red.


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