Thursday, March 12, 2009

Black and White and Red All Over

Holy moly, I'm tired. I see by the Dolphins clock that it is nearly quarter to 8 and I haven't had dinner.

The outfit:
I like this outfit.

The stuff:
And a close-up of the ring:
Whoa, too close.

I got this ring in Scotland, I think near Inverness - it was handmade there. It's sterling silver and the stones are sodalite, which is native to Scotland. It was $75 13 years ago. L and I went there after we'd been dating for about a year (we'd already moved in together).

This calls for a story!

About 6 weeks after we'd met, we'd been down to the local pub here for Friday night drinks - I was wearing a fabulous linen hat (which I still have, in my clothing archives). L didn't drink, and was driving me home - he got stopped at a road check. We continued up the busy street and he gave me a glance to admire my lovely hat...and he slammed into the rear end of a car that had stopped suddenly at a mid-block crossing.

My knee slammed into the dashboard, punching a hole in both the dashboard and my knee. We pulled over...I felt faint, my knee was bleeding. I got an ambulance to the hospital and they gave me a tetanus shot and stitched my knee up. Fortunately, all the important stuff (ligaments, tendons, muscles and bone) were completely missed! However, I sued the insurance company for insuring such a poor driver as my boyfriend. His car was wrecked, by the way, and the people we hit were fine; no injuries except for me.

It took a year to get the money...but I got several thousand dollars. By then, we were pretty sure we were "meant to be", so I said to L, "I wouldn't have gotten this money if it weren't for you. Where shall we go?"

And we went to Scotland. We got married 9 months later.
I'm taking tomorrow off, and L and I are headed over to Vancouver for a short visit with friends. We always do this for our anniversary, which is next weekend (but I accidently planned something next weekend, so we're going this weekend instead).

I am going to do a special feature over the weekend - watch for it!

Dress (Kersh), jacket (Smart Set), shoes (Calvin Klein), belt (Plum), brooch (Grandma J's, Coro, vintage), ring (Scotland), crystal stud earrings.


  1. wow, what a story! I'm loving the white,black and red combination. I would like to see a shot of the shoes too please!!

  2. You look very sassy in this outfit. Very cute. Sounds like Scotland was a great trip. A nice way to help you with your pain and suffering...

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I adore houndstooth and red together. A classic!

    My knee is hurting in sympathy just reading your tale, lady. Glad it wasn't a worse injury.

  4. Love the outfit. I adore houndstooth. Beautiful ring, I would love to see Scotland someday. I just am crazy about the accent. I don't like cursing but when I hear Billy Connelly I just crack up. Not only is he funny but his cursing in that accent is hysterical. Liked your story also.

  5. Silver linig and all that. Love the story and I love your outfit - very chic.

  6. What a great "how we met" story!!!

    Love the outfit, too, you look very svelte :)

  7. Diane, there's a shot of the shoes in the close-up with the accessories - these are just a plain classic pump.

    Thanks, Alison. It was a great trip.

    Sal, yeah, me too. Nope, I was absolutely fine. Never had a problem with my knee since.

    Thanks, Eednic!

    Lucy, thanks. Scotland is lovely, but be warned: the further north you go, the thicker the accents.

    Very true, Jane! Thanks.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Thanks, Kayleigh - actually, our "how we met" is different, but this is our "how we made it to Scotland" story.


  8. Black, white and red is one of my favorite combinations. The houndstooth pattern balances the red very well.


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