Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge - 1 Skirt, 4 Ways - Day #4

Day #4? Are you freakin' kidding me?

Yes! Today's outfit is all about texture:

I'm doing blue with brown again, but like I said, texture is the key to this outfit.

Velvet blazer (new-to-me, $19.99), the applique thingy on the top with the beads, the big belt with the cutouts, the herringbone of the skirt, the patterned tights, the stitching on the shoes, the woven metal of the earrings, and the details on the bracelet (a new purchase).

A close-up of the tights. They are actually gold with a black pattern:

Funky shoes, man!

The stuff:
I adore that bracelet. It's another piece by Lucky Brand - it was on an extra 40% off the sale price, so I got it for $11.00, regular $40. I really like that it has little peace signs between the links. The blue mottled stone goes with the shirt, and the dark brown link is actually wood. Even the "stone" in the flower is cool. But what really sells me on a piece like this is the hidden details:
Isn't that amazing? That's the back - the designs are all raised. I love that there's a fishy type pattern.

One more day of the skirt! I am looking forward to doing it for Casual Friday!

Blazer (Gap, consignment), sleeveless shirt (Nygard), camisole (Esprit), skirt (Suzy Shier), belt (Plum), hose (Hue), shoes (Unlisted), earrings (don't remember), bracelet (Lucky brand).


  1. those are some a-may-zing accessories! what a fabulous combo!

  2. I love those shoes!!!!! Hey, your hair has been so cute too. Been meaning to mention that. I think I'm finally back to the land of the living and trying to catch up on everything. I love all the ways you've been wearing that skirt too. It's fun to see all the different outfits everyone has come up with.

  3. What a great bracelet. It's fun to wear pieces that give you a little secret joy in the details.

  4. Funky shoes indeed - love 'em! And all that amazing texture works fantastically together.

  5. Wow - I am impressed. I think the last four days have been some of your best outfits.
    Thanks for rising to the challenge:)

  6. Ok, first of all, I am literally drooling a little over your really do have the BEST stuff!

    I just heard about Jane's challenge (am going to give it a go next week) but had to come right over and see what you did with it, of course :)

    Love this outfit the best so looks amazing on you and the textures are so fabulously rich...just awesome!!!

  7. Your accessories are always so spot on girl!~

  8. Great textures going on!!
    I am in LOVE with the shoes, must go look online for something similiar...

  9. Eednic, thanks!

    Alison, aren't they cool? Yeah, my hair is getting long - I'm getting it cut on Sat, but I think I'm still growing it out. Welcome back!

    Cat, isn't it cool? I love this line of jewelry, and yeah, I love details like that.

    Kelly, me too. Would you believe they were only $16 or so at Winners?

    Thanks, Sal!

    Jane, I'm very flattered, thank you. I loved this challenge!

    Kayleigh, I love searching for the best quality I can find at the cheapest prices. Have fun with the challenge! Thanks very much!

    WWWYG: thanks!

    Erin, thanks very much! The shoes were very cheap.

  10. I love everything about this outfit. You harmoniously put items together that most wouldn't immediately think to pair, and it came together fabulously.


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