Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Spring, Please!" Week - Tie-ing One On

Green and brown again, but a more "guy-inspired" look today.
I found these fabulous shoes at Value Village for $9.99! The tie was only $3.99. And they match perfectly. Add a little spring-y green and brown and pow! Ya got an outfit.

The stuff:My usual table for doing photos is being used, so here's a lovely shot of my duvet cover. Love the natural sunlight so you can see the brown and green in the shoes and the tie.

Blouse (Esprit), vest (Esprit), suit skirt (Kensie), tie (thrift), shoes (Unlisted, thrift), earrings (don't remember).


  1. The shoes are adorable! What a score.

  2. Love the shoes and the tie. Great spring outfit. I'm ready for it to get here and stay, too.

  3. The shoes are a great find! <3 I also love the tie and vest combo!

  4. Your organic greens and browns are making me crave spring. Too bad it's snowing right now. I can't put away my winter wardrobe quite yet.

  5. You look like spring. Great outfit!

  6. Very cute and so fun to try something you haven't done in a long time (the tie). Those shoes were a great score!

  7. You look so cute and sassy! The weather here can't make up its mind...hot, cold, not, really cold...hopefully spring will decide to stay for a while soon.

  8. Sal, totally! I just love a score like that.

    MM: will it ever get here? It's been raining for three days straight. I'm getting webbed feet!

    Leigh-Anna, I thought you would like these. Glad you approve of the tie/vest combo.

    Thanks, Kasmira! I knew I could do it when I saw you do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Cat, me too! Ack, snow! Shhhh... don't say that!

    Thanks, Anon.

    Thanks, Goober!

    Alison, I was a little nervous about it but I did a test try-on on Sunday. I know - love the shoes!

    *gasp* Erica's back! Oh, I missed you! Thanks so much. Send some hot up here, please.

  9. I'm late to the party -- but I LOVE this! It's so girlishly boyish, or boyishly girlish, whatever, lol, it's completely charming and it looks fabulous on you!

  10. Aw, thanks, Kayleigh! I love guy-style.


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