Sunday, March 15, 2009

Special Occasion - Dinner in Vancouver with Friends

I love doing a quick trip over to Vancouver for a day of shopping and visiting with friends. We did dinner with Tony, Laura and Craig, so of course, I had to get dressed up.
I got this dress about a year and a half ago. I've worn it twice now: once for Valentine's Day and on Saturday. The waist is lace with a thin ribbon tie, and the straps are wide lace as well. The skirt is a bunch of overlapping layers, so it has lovely movement.

Doing my green Fluevogs:
L took these pictures, so it's his fault they're blurry, haha!

My clutch:
And my ring:
I did buy a few things in Vancouver: got 2 new pairs of Fluevogs as my anniversary gift from L and bought him a pair too (see how sneakily I get around my "no new shoes" rule?). I also got a jacket and a skirt at a vintage store. I'm planning on wearing all of it this week.

Dress (Esprit), shoes (Fluevog), purse (Aldo), ring (Melanie Lynne), earrings (not shown, don't remember).


  1. Love that dress. I can't wait to see the new Fluevogs. I'm hoping I can talk hubby into letting me have $50 to get an outfit for the wedding in May. I want to try and thrift a cocktail dress. And get a pair of cute peachy peep-toe shoes that I saw at Target or Payless... I can't remember which one. Probably won't have an occasion to wear the dress again, but the shoes will get a ton of wear. Wish me luck on getting a new dress!

  2. Thanks, Alison! The Fluevogs are divine...I'm so excited to put together outfits for them.

    Good luck! You should be able to find a vintage/thrift dress for under $50, easy. Try to pick a dress that doesn't have too much pattern (a solid colour will be more versatile), so that you can wear it again.

  3. Great idea on the solid. I'm looking forward to shopping with a purpose. I'm trying hard to cut down on my spending. Thrifting has been a fun challenge as well. I've been working on selling clothes at a consignment shop as well. That gives me a little extra to spend on stuff I want.

  4. The dress is Beautiful and so are you! Gorgeous shoes, yummy accessories...I am running out of adjectives, help!

  5. Good for you, Alison! If you can find a simple shape in a dress, the chances of wearing it again are much higher, because you'll be able to change up your accessories.

    Thanks, Mervat! Oh, you're doing just fine, haha!

  6. Thanks, and welcome, Pretty Little Pictures.

  7. Gorgeous dah-ling! Love this dress on you!

  8. Classy dress. I love the way you accessorized it.

  9. Thanks, Cat! It's a great dress for travel too - it's even washable.


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