Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wardrobe Challenge - 1 Skirt, 3 Ways - Day #2

Today's outfit mixes easy colours with the brown skirt: orange, cream and caramel. Yummy autumnal combo!
That frilly shirt has a big bow on the back of the neck. I really wanted to wear my new boots today. I picked these up at the consignment shop - never worn! Brand new! In my size! $29.99! Get outta town! Check them out:
Sweet...groovy wedge heel, little fabric bow at the top (all together...aw!), nice stitching details. Sure, they're just vinyl, but hey, they're warm, trendy and they were cheap.

The other stuff:
And they match the belt really well! I went for big, bold accessories today: the hammered bronze cuff, the ginormous gold hoops and the distinctive belt buckle.

I'm liking this challenge quite a bit. I'm not finding it hard at all to match things to this skirt.

Blouse (Vero Moda), sweater (Vero Moda), skirt (Suzy Shier, gift from Heather), boots (Outlines, consignment), belt (Aldo Accessories), cuff (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (gift from L).


  1. I almost wore orange today. It looks great and the boots are fab!

  2. Those boots are killer! Another amazing Sheila score.

  3. Love the new boots, very cute! The wedge heel is really fun. This is a great challenge.

    Love the word verification today "squeasm" he he...

  4. Day 1 and Day 2 of the challenge are two very different takes. Well done! I'm watching everyone else's blogs for ideas before I partake in the challenge.

  5. LOVE the boots..I love wedge heels, they are so easy to wear.
    Love the belt too...going on a "thriftstore" mania next week, and will have to keep my eye open for one.

  6. Like this outfit much better than yesterday. It looks fab.

    Thank you for the close-up boot shot - they're adorable!

  7. This colour palette works soo well for you. Just gorgeous! Score on the boots! Wish I was as lucky on my thrift store outings, but no such luck unfortunately! Bought some lovely glassware though...

  8. Thanks, Jane! Great minds think alike!

    I do find the good deals, Sal! I am a shopping maven.

    Thanks, Alison! I hope I get lots of wear out of these boots before the weather turns. Heh, good word.

    Cat, thanks - and I hope you like today's too.

    Hi, Erin - thanks, I love them too! They are so different. I prefer consignment stores over thrift stores as the clothes are in better shape and more modern - they are more expensive than thrift, but still relatively cheap. Good luck on your shop!

    Thanks, Lain. I liked Monday's but it is more business-y. Glad you like the boots.

    Thanks, Mervat! I can always count on my fall colours. Aren't the boots fab? Thrift stores can be fun, but like I said to Erin, I prefer consignment shops.

  9. I love this outfit on you, and the boots are fab!

  10. Great outfit! And your boots are fantastic!!


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