Sunday, March 1, 2009

Special Occasion - Cat's Birthday (and Guest)

Friday night was Cat's birthday, so a bunch of us Winesday gals and our hubbies and a couple of Cat's friends gathered for some Jamaican food (yum!).

Of course, I had to get dressed up! It's kind of hard to tell because of the dark colours, but the black dress is tied in a bow at the waist. I've never worn this dress and frankly, I'm not sure why. It fits perfectly, has a classic Audrey shape and cut and duh, it's an LBD!

Edited to add some pictures of the boots, dress and hat after the fact.
I've also never worn these boots! They are dark blood red. For some reason when I bought them (about 2 years ago), it didn't seem appropriate to wear them, but fashions have changed and dang! I need to wear these more!
This is my "flower pot" hat. It stays on my head with an elastic and there's a pouf of feathers that sprout out the top (makes for tight quarters in a cab). I found it at a consignment/second-hand store for $24 about 9 years ago. I haven't worn it in years! It's definitely vintage.
Here's my special guest: the lovely Caro! Looking tres foxy in her asymmetrical hem t-shirt dress and fab boots.

Giving some love: Aw!

My funky martini purse:
and my jewelry:
Hope your weekend is going swell!

Dress (Esprit), hat (no label, consignment), boots (Aldo), earrings (?, gift from Mom), ring (Melanie Lynne), purse (Sterling Shoes).


  1. Awe... you both looked fab in person as well ;)

  2. LOVE the hat. And I love that your friend, Cat, spells her name the right way.

  3. That's so much fun. Caro wore the dress on NYE and rocked it!

  4. the two of you are so pretty

  5. Please post some close-ups of the boots! I am dying to see them.

    Ps--I do know where Vancouver is. I worked in Iberville (I know, other side of the country) for 3 months from Sept-Nov back in 2002. I had to buy 3 pair of boots while up there because it was so cold and I did not own a pair for the 5 days a year we get below freezing down here. I still wear them - they're like new - each pair once a season. So, I am a bit of a boot vouyer enjoying everyone else's boots.

  6. Looking hot! Those boots are perfect with the black dress (close-up please?) Hope you had a terrific time out!

  7. Thanks, Jane!

    Thanks, Cat - we had a great time! So cool FINALLY meeting your friends. I'll be sending you some more pics tomorrow.

    Thanks, Cat! I've edited the post to add a couple of pictures so you can see it better.

    Hey, Xine! Great to see you.

    Thanks, 4 Ever Shop.

    Lain, edited to add more pictures. The boots are still not quite the right colour - they are a real blood red.

    Oh, cool! Well, the weather's not like that over here on the West coast - it was in the 50s today.

    Thanks, Mervat! Close-up of the dress has been added (with flash, 'cause black photographs so poorly). Yes, it was a blast.

  8. OMG the hat is sooo fab! I just love it! You guys looks so awesome. Glad you had a fun dress up night!

  9. What a fab outfit. I particularly loved the hat. I would love to wear a hat but I'm never comfortable wearing one.
    And I also loved the bag.

  10. Thanks, Hillary! I love wearing a hat when I go out - and I just don't do it enough.

    Thanks, Sue! You definitely seem like a woman who would Wear A Hat. Maybe you should experiment?

  11. Thank you for the boot shot! I am even more envious seeing them up close.


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