Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When You're Feelin' Kinda Sick - Wear a Dress!

So I had to go to work today - I foolishly checked my emails from home yesterday and was agog at how many I had. Generally, I don't stay home unless I'm puking, so off I went. I think this is actually seasonal allergies (damn you, beautiful pink blossoms and your wonderful smell!), so it's not like I'm contagious. I do seem to get sick like this annually. Oh, Sudafed, take me to your velvet tunnel.

Anyway, what do you do when you feel like crap?
All together: Wear a dress! 'Cause it's just like wearing jammies to work, only you look better.

The stuff:
Yep, that's stuff, all right.

Dress (OC for Oleg Cassini), nude fishnet tights (Hue), shoes (BCBGirls), necklace (Coro, vintage), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Great dress and the gold adds just the touch.

  2. I love your dress philosophy, lady. So true, so true!

    Hope the allergies let up soon ...

  3. You look lovely even though you are not feeling well. I need to get me some nude fishnets. I'm wearing black lace ones today. Nude would been much better...

  4. Those shoes could go hiking with the flu and feel fab. They're wonderful!

    Hope sudafed is working for you.

  5. Very nice. The colour on the dress is lovely. Keep up those antihistamines!

  6. I totally agree. Dresses are so easy (only one piece!) and so comfy. Love this with the gold shoes!!

  7. Nice combo of dark blue dress and bright, shiny heels.

    My thought process when I read the title of this post: "That title is kind of sing-song. It reminds me of another song about illness--'When you're sliding into first, and you're shorts are gonna burst...' Oooooh, bad analogy."


  8. i totally suscribe to your philosophy. And you make one stylish sickie!

  9. Ha, thanks, Ruth!

    MM: thanks! The shoes are actually gold - ignore the lighting in the top picture.

    Thanks, Sal - it usually works.

    Aw, Alison, you are too kind. Nude fishnets are awesome!

    Ha, thanks, Lain!

    Thanks, Mervat - I love the dress.

    Thanks, Kelly - the shoes are actually silver.

    Heh, Cat, the title is actually from "When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." Your analogy...hahah!

    Thanks, Diane, you're too kind!

  10. "When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."

    THAT'S why it sounded sing-song to me. I understand now.


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