Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fenced In - and A Stern Talking-To

You have all reminded me not to be so hard on myself when I don't like my outfit - thank you! Here I am giving myself the business:
"Now don't let me hear you making disparaging remarks about yourself again, missy!"

This outfit features the new funky belt my Mom got me while she was in Disneyland/LA with my brother Dave and his girls/my nieces Zoe and Hannah (hi, guys!). Aw, Mom's the best, isn't she? When she told me about this belt on the phone (there's no suspense in my family, haha), she said, "It looks like a fence."

Henceforth, this shall be the fence belt.

Working the brown and black was challenging, but I think I succeeded. The leopard skirt has never been worn to work before (a little too bootylicious), but is calmed down by the long boyfriend cardigan and the white shirt. I hate white shirts...loathe them...but realize that once in a while, they are very functional and nice. Kept the tights plain brown and added the Fluevog gladiators to echo the belt "fencing", then instead of a load of jewelry, did the big floppy bow at the neckline (it's a belt from a skirt).

The fences:
Very...fence-y. Ha!

Cardigan (no label, consignment), shirt (Plum), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), belt (gift from Mom), tights (Hue), shoes (Fluevog), crystal stud earrings.


  1. The belt is spectacular! How nice to have a mom that brings gifts! And absolutely nothing wrong with skirt! You looked mighty fine! B

  2. The fence belt rocks! What a lovely mom you've got, lady.

  3. I think you did brown and black perfectly! Love the belt and shoes together as well as the bow. It almost looks like a tie (which I love).

  4. You have a wonderful mom! Glad to "hear" you sounding more like yourself. Great outfit.

  5. Love the belt, but even more, I love how you wore your scarf. Very menswear inspired without being too literal. So you still look feminine.

    As for your leopard skirt, I totally understand. I have a lace skirt that is...bangin'...there's no other way to put it. I can only get away with wearing it to the office if every other part of my outfit is really conservative. But I still feel sexy!

  6. Love the new fence belt and I'm glad you found a way to wear the leopard skirt to work. I love that skirt. Great job with the black and brown mix too.

  7. Bonnie - it's such a great belt, and yeah, my mom spoils me that way. Glad you liked the outfit!

    Wendy, what a surprise! Ha!

    Sal, thanks. Yes, she is the best.

    Leigh-Anna - thanks! I did consider doing the sash as a tie, but went with the bow.

    Thanks, eednic!

    MM, thanks - the wonders of a good outfit.

    Thanks, Tina! Yeah, I want to get as much wear out of all the clothes in my wardrobe, but finding the right combination to make it work-appropriate is really challenging sometimes. I'll watch for your skirt!

    Thanks, Alison!

  8. I just love that your Mum gave you the beautiful 'Waist Fence'.
    And I also don't like wearing white shirts. I probably haven't worn one in years. But you look really fantastic in this outfit!

  9. Thanks, Sue! I always have a white shirt in my wardrobe, but I only wear it maybe twice a year.


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