Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Try, Try Again...and Video!

So this is the thin jacket that I meant to wear last week here (and left at home):
I felt like it got short shrift, so I put together this outfit so it wouldn't feel bad. Ha, like it cares! Ungrateful jacket!

Anyway, I thought this outfit picked out the colours in the skirt well. Last time I wore this, I went with the emerald green (here).

The stuff:
I kept the accessories pretty simple because of all the colour. Maybe a necklace.

Oh, and although I could not get Inigo to mew on cue for Wendy, I did manage to shoot a wee bit of video. Enjoy!


Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), top (Tristan), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine & Company, consignment), shoes (Tsubo), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. I love the color of your shirt and it looks great on you!

  2. Aww kitty and shoe love!

    That's an awesome jacket. I love the print on the skirt too.

  3. Wow, your closet is impressive! daren't show you mine - it's just a double wardrobe with a big heap of shoes at the bottom!

    And I've always wondered how you pronounce Inigo - I was tryign to say it like indigo, somehow without the d, but now I know it's In-knee-go, with the emphasis on the knee lol!

  4. OMG... you have a big closet !
    And you have space for everything, it's like a little boutique ... shoes displayed and all !!
    My faves were the chandelier and the slut postcard :)

  5. What a doll, that Inigo. And hooray for Tsubo Acreas! Are they not the best ever?

  6. I love the pattern and colors in that skirt. So cute! Fun video too, nice to put a voice to you. Inigo is such a cute kitty. I love the mirror and chandelier. When we get a new house I'm hoping to convert a small bedroom into my closet and I'm so going to put in a chandelier. I have such plans for that space.

  7. Thanks, Lesa!

    Megan, the two best things! Thanks!

    Tat, I know, I'm so lucky. Yes, he's named after Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride" (a great movie, if you haven't seen it).

    Lorena, isn't it great? I'm very organized. Hee, I love the Slut postcard, it's great.

    Sal, yes, indeed, they are awesome.

    Thanks, Alison! I thought you would like that. Your house sounds lovely!

  8. Yay closet videos! I love 'em so. Your voice is nothing like it is in my head when I hear your telling me that "I can do it" but then no one's voice ever is. Mine included. Thanks for sharing the video. I loved it!

  9. Tina, thanks! I know, I have a super-high voice (I hate it, I wish it was sultry).

  10. Adorable video!

    Your voice was much higher than I imagined...I wish I had a sultry voice, too. Oh well. You sound cute!

  11. Thanks, Kasmira! I hate my voice (it sounds low and sultry in my head!), but oh well.

  12. Oh, Kristen, that sucks! You couldn't see Inigo in action. Thanks very much.


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