Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Topless at Work

As you may or may not know, I'm not dressed for work when I leave the house in the morning. I pack my clothes, shoes and accessories into my backpack, along with my lunch, and I walk 40 minutes in my workout clothes (the parka has been packed away for winter, as has the toque and scarf). I change at work.

In the three plus years that I have been packing my clothes and hoofing it to work, I have never forgotten anything.

Until today:
I forgot the top half of my outfit. That is my smelly, sweaty Mountain Equipment Co-op navy top. I wore it all day with my lovely new wool vintage 80s plaid skirt that I thrifted on the weekend.

So yeah, it was kind of a crappy day. I felt really stupid. Surprisingly, not too many people noticed, since the dark colour in the skirt is actually navy.

And it could have been worse. I was *this* close to wearing this workout top:
Oh, yeah, rocking my Alice Cooper shirt! But I like to wear that one around the house so I saved it, and next pulled out this one:
Now THAT would have been a fashion disaster! Not a very flattering top to begin with.

And my brand-new nylons did a massive run right up the back of my leg...after only 1 wear! Arg!

At least we have stuff. Sweet, sweet stuff:
My awesome thrifted shoes ($13.95), my $14.95 thrifted new skirt, and the silver feather charm from the $10 grab bag.

I fell in love with the mix of colours in the plaid: red, navy and brown, as well as the classic pencil skirt cut with a high waist. It's 100% wool and in amazing condition. I'd guess it's early 80s, so vintage (god, that makes me feel old).

A close-up of the charm:
It was on a really ugly bigass necklace along with a noisy locket and a filigree square (which I also salvaged) - got out the needlenose pliers and voila! Two new charms.

In case you were wondering, this is what I meant to wear today:Ta-dah!

Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Casual Corner & Co., thrifted, early 80s vintage), shoes (Towne Shoes, thrifted).


  1. Aww well at least you didn't forget your skirt! Lol!

    Speaking of the skirt, it's super cute. The necklace is also really pretty. It's probably my favorite piece in the outfit.

  2. At least you have cute work out tops. Very funny story lady!

  3. This really sounds like something I would do! I am loving your blog more than ever lately, coveting some of your jewelry picks!

  4. :-)

    Great post! LOL. I loved the outfit as it was meant to be, by the way. ;-)

  5. Oops! When I was in college, this girl was really late for class one day. Turned out that when she got on the subway, she realized that she left the house without the skirt... She had a winter coat on, so noone in the street noticed, but you get the picture. Don't feel bad, you still looked good!

  6. It could have been worse! I didn't even notice the brown in the skirt until the last picture with the "intended" top! What a great plaid.

    The shoes are remarkable! Good for you.

  7. Oh lady, how frustrating! And a run in the nylons to boot? Gah. But the planned outfit looked marvelous. And now you can wear it again sometime and no one at the office will be the wiser!

  8. Oh man, that's like one of those dreams where you leave the house without clothes on...

    I don't know if you have room in your desk to do this, but I keep clothes and shoes in my office. I have comfy black heels and flats in case my shoes start rubbing holes in my feet (happens more than I like to admit). I have a pair of plain black dress pants in case of an emergency (I had a pair of pants split up the back one time---yikes!!!). I have a basic black blazer on a hanger over my door in case a meeting with someone important suddenly comes up on a day when I wore my Dr. Martens and skull t-shirt (also happened). These don't work as well if I have another neutral as a base, but as you found out yesterday, not many people notice all of the details. My department also oversees the warehouse, so in addition to back-up dress clothes, I have back-up jeans, t-shirt and steel toe shoes, just in case. We had a tornado hit the warehouse in 2005 and I was glad to have casual clothes handy so I did not have to go home to change before I went to assess the damage (no one was hurt).

    Of course, I also have deoderant, hairspray, hairbrush, headbands, barrettes, sewing kit, and a few makeup basics in my magic drawer/mini-closet. All of which have been badly needed at one point (or many) over the years here.

    One thing I don't have is accessories. I always manage to leave the house with plenty of those.

    Sorry! Long post (with lots of parentheses).

  9. oh, I am so sorry!~ But honestly, it's not that bad! And the skirt is amazing!

  10. This reminded me of the dream I had in school of showing up in my pijamas....!
    So.. you forgot the tank AND the JACKET !?!
    Well after seeing all your options all I can say is that you were one LUCKY lady in choosing the blue top to work out this morning !

  11. OMG! It wasn’t your day, was it? Good thing you had your emergency navy top with you! Even the workout one isn’t that bad. But imagine if you had no top!
    A couple of weeks ago my officemate was caught in a rainstorm in the campus and was completely (I mean completely!) soaked when she was running to our weekly meeting! Now that is disaster!

  12. Megan, yes, that could have been even worse! Thanks, I like the skirt and the necklace too. I might have to go back for another grab bag!

    Kim, well, they're better left under my jacket!

    Lesa, I felt like such a dolt. Aw, thank you so much. :)

    Bianca, happy to amuse. Thanks! I'll have to actually wear it properly next time!

    Tanya, oh no! That's a nightmare. Thanks so much.

    Rebecca, I am grateful that I had on the navy top! Thanks!

    Sal, yeah, it really didn't make my day any brighter. Oh, but I'm a big-mouth - I'll end up reminding everyone about my workout top.

    Lain, totally. I actually do keep a drawer full of things like bandaids and deodorant, and I keep a pair of flat runners, but I don't have room for a full outfit (and because I usually remember to pack it all the night before, it's not a problem). Yikes, having your pants split would be awful! You're such a good planner, though, wow!

    Thanks, Erin. Yes, I can't wait to wear it again.

    Lorena, I actually had the camisole, but it showed my bra so I couldn't wear it alone. I know, so lucky to have chosen the navy!

    Aradia, nope, just a bad luck day for me! Just so you're clear, the navy top IS my workout top that I wore yesterday. The others are ones I almost wore yesterday.

  13. Oh NO. This would be reason enough for me to never try that. :) But at least it was the top you forgot; the bottom would have been much worse!

    Love the "would have been" outfit, by the way. That jacket is fab.

  14. Kristen, I know! And I've never forgotten anything before - I'm so careful. Yes, forgetting the bottom would have been awful! Thanks very much. :)

  15. Despite the confusion, I have to say you're on a shoe roll. Plus that skirt makes your waist look itty bitty! I don't think I would've noticed that top was a work out top, either....

  16. Thanks, Julia! I love my shoes, all 70-odd pairs of them. Aw, you are too kind, darlin'!


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