Sunday, March 14, 2010

Special Occasion - Art Gallery, I Won!, plus a New Figure

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend!

Jane over at The Small Fabric of My Life has done a round up of all the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge participants from a couple of weeks ago, and I won the "spot" prize! I'm not sure what a spot prize is, but woo hoo! I won! This is so exciting. I hope it's a pony.

I went to the Art Gallery this past Friday night with my friend Elaine for a martini/music night to celebrate their contemporary Japanese artist exhibit. My favourite things were objects covered in glass beads - the deer head was wild! I would hang that in my house.

Of course, I had to wear something artsy:
I could have gone way more over the top (i.e. a hat, a cape, something really flamboyant), but I was tired from a stressful work week, and because we walked to the Art Gallery, I had to wear semi-sensible shoes. I was also one of about a hundred women in black, haha.

This is my Kitchen Orange dress that I've only worn once (here). Because of the major industrial zipper down the front of it, I felt it needed some major accessories. I finally used my giant clutch that I got on consignment ages ago:
Inigo has taken up residence on the table again.

Here's a better shot of the awesome neckline on this dress:
I love that.

The stuff:
The clutch is much more of a burgundy shade (and it's lined in pink satin!). It's by Nine West and was $16 on consignment months ago.

I stopped downtown on the way home after work on Friday and popped into Aldo Accessories for some trendy bling:
All the bracelets came together, and were $15.00. The earrings were $10.00. The bracelets are made in India - I love Indian brass. Isn't that massive cuff awesome? It has a mix of grey and brass studs. I will definitely be working that into my rocker looks.

And I know no one is really that jazzed about my painting hobby, but it's my other artistic outlet (other than fashion), and it's been months since I finished a figure. This guy's been a major artistic block because he's so boring:
I'll put him in the Christmas village. I think I'll name him Johnny Big Hand. He's actually only an inch tall, so cut me some slack for the ultra-surprised look on his face - eyes are hard to paint!

The back:

Off to dye my hair!

Dress (Kitchen Orange, consignment), fishnets (Secret), shoes (Guess), bracelets and earrings (Aldo Accessories), clutch (Nine West, consignment).


  1. I LOVE the neckline on that dress. It's really badass.

  2. That dress is SO COOL. Love the neckline and the zipper. LOVE.

    Congrats on winning the Challenge. Your week was really stellar.

  3. Congrats! I love the dress. You look amazing. And the bling, fabuuuu!!!!

  4. That dress is so incredibly awesome. I love anything with a funky use of zippers. Want!

  5. But what would you do with a pony? ;-)

    Fab dress, very "arty" :-)

    And isn't your hair natural?

  6. LOVE the dress, the neckline is amazing, and you really NAILED it on the accessories, they are perfect.

    And WOW to the figure. I paint, but nothing like that! That is impressive. One inch?

  7. Great dress, very artsy! And I love Indigo on the table supervising.

  8. I had no idea you had another artsy outlet... you need some precision to paint that face!
    Your dress is great, zippers are soo back - or so I want them to be back.... and that big thick cuff... super!

  9. cool hobby! do you make the figures or just paint them? gorgeous dress and funky jewelry! nice! i assumed everything at aldo was as expensive as the shoes- apparently not?

  10. That dress is fabulous, and I love how you paired it with all the bold accessories. Congrats on the big win!

  11. What an AWESOME dress. I love love love the neckline, and I love the accessories your wore with it - you look so chic and artsy! Perfect for the event!

  12. Thanks, Megan!

    Sak, thank you.

    Kristen, isn't it awesome? I love it. Thanks, but I think a spot challenge is maybe a random draw.

    Angela, thank you! I'm awed at the lovely creations you made yourself! Thank you so much for commenting. :)

    Closet, thanks! I know, I love bigass zippers!

    Tat, well, I don't know, but wouldn't it be cool? :) Ha! No, I have brown hair (well, mostly white these days) - I've been dyeing it red for decades.

    Thanks, Erin! I was much happier with the accessorizing this time around. The figure is actual 1 3/8" (I measured). Thanks!

    Wendy, thanks! I thought you would like it.

    Northmoon, thank you. Heh, yes, he's very vigilant.

    Lorena, I'm all about detail in my clothes, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I'm detailed in other things, ha! Thanks, I love big zippers and big accessories!

    Wicked, I buy them but I have to sand them down and primer and paint them. Aldo is not that expensive (but the quality is not that good) - their accessories are great for trendy items, and are almost always inexpensive.

    Thanks, Audi! Oh, it's not a big win, I think it was random. But I can pretend.

    Sherylyn, thanks! If by "perfect" you mean, "looks like everyone else", then yes, I was perfect. :-P

  13. I love the dress, but that studdle bangle is just screaming out to me. I LOVE IT!!

  14. Thanks, Tina - I know, isn't the bigass bangle sweet?

  15. More dress love over here! Maybe everyone else was wearing black too, but your dress was the BEST!

    I want to steal that studded bangle. It is so classy, yet badass.

  16. Thanks, Kasmira! I love that bangle - it's going to get a lot of wear.

  17. How, oh how did I ever miss seeing this dress? Simply amazing, yes YOU are!

  18. Bangle? I imagine that's some sort of drapery. An accoutrem... (can't spell the rest - my Swedish is terrible).

    Seeing as how he is 1 and 3/8 inches, I feel comfortable in my ability to beat Lord Fauntleroy in an armwrestle. I'm slightly taller. I mean yeah, I borrow his hep maroon threads sometimes, but his bangles and such are way too small for me. We go to the same barber. ... No, not on a dare.

  19. Dishpig, you're hilarious - great to see you! I've missed you!


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