Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 2

Today, I busted out the colour! Peacock blue and mustard...toned down with grey and brown accents.
This outfit carries the Inigo seal of approval.

Brown and grey together used to be one of those combinations I thought you "couldn't do". Wrong! You can pretty much do any colour mix, just takes a bit of experimentation.

I love this grey strapless dress:
It has pockets!

Today will mark the only appearance of these shoes this week - I could have made more outfits and therefore get to wear them more, but eh, I'll get lots of wear out them this spring. I love how they look with the teal tights (a wardrobe challenge freebie!).

Here's how I planned out the outfit:
Adding the mustard long-sleeved tee was a last-minute decision. Since I'll be wearing the sweater on its own once this week, I didn't want to do the same top look twice.

I thought I was very clever in knotting this long gold chain to give it a different look. I've never worn it like this before.

Click here for my full list of items, info on them, and pictures of the individual pieces.


  1. I have no words!!!! Love the colors and the lines. Your co-workers must have been speechless.

  2. Ooooh, I love everything about this! The colors (teal and mustard, fab), the shape, the lines, all of it.

  3. I LOVE the teal and yellow together. I like the necklace worn that way. I love long necklaces for their versatility. =D

    And ohh the kitty approval. A black and white cat, the perfect cat to get visible cat hair on any outfit.

  4. Thanks for stopping by blog..you look adorable in this outfit..

  5. Man alive, Sheila. You've blown me away already. I LOVE that the two tops under the dress look like they are one garment, and the color combination is beautiful. I'd love to try something similar myself (not during the challenge, though.)

  6. I love that the dress has pockets. I just was flipping through a bridal magazine exclaiming "pockets!" every time I saw a dress with pockets, and decided that if this was turning into a "must have" for a big occasion item, I definitely should have more dresses with pockets in my every day wardrobe! And I'm so excited to see it as an option in a slimmer line of a dress!
    The colours are fabulous!

  7. You are SO organized...and clever...and creative...I'm enjoying your Capsule Wardrobe and taking notes for the NEXT challenge when I should have figured out how to do it!

    The dress is TOO delicious! So many options. These colors are great together. (I have been thrifting in at least 3 stores for a mustard-colored T or top for over a month. Do you know how hard it is to find one in a thrift store?!)

  8. Wow - I love how you put together all the pieces - I would never have thought to do this - which is why I love personal style blogs!

  9. What a wonderful mashup of colors!

  10. Thanks, Jane. My coworkers just look away from the madness most days. :)

    Kristen, thanks!

    Megan, me too - I love odd colour combos. Yes, Inigo is the best of both shedding worlds.

    Ianiza, thank you.

    You're welcome, Sak. Thanks!

    Kari, oh you exaggerate, but thank you! You'd look great in those colours!

    Hi, and welcome, Cara! What is not to love about pockets? I loved the dress anyway, but when I found out it had pockets - sold!

    Rebecca, aw, thank you so much. :) The Challenges are such a fun opportunity to try new things and combinations. Yes! I know exactly how hard it is to find mustard - I had to wait until my "no new clothes" ban was over and even then, this top was a sample.

    girlxoxo, thanks! Glad you enjoy.

    Thanks, Sal!


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