Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Years of Blogging...A Retrospective

As of March 31st, I will have been blogging for two whole years! Wow, I can't believe it's been so long!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who reads, comments, votes on polls! Secondly, thank you to all of my wonderful fellow fashion bloggers, for your inspiration, style, humour, honesty and community. Thirdly, I thought it would be fun to do a retrospective of what I've done thus far.

The First Fashion Post. I was so nervous about putting my first outfit together. Oh, the pressure! How would I format the post? Should I write where I bought things? I had L take my pictures with our new camera (I hadn't figured out the whole timer thing yet). I sent the link to my blog out to all of my friends - so exciting!
2008: In early posts, I still hadn't figured out how to pose quite right, and I forgot to smile in most of the pictures (I only got one shot, as L is not very patient!). My hair is really short! I started taking pictures of my feet to show off my shoes.

The first comments appear - even more exciting - until I get a weird comment about my feet on this post (it was deleted - he wanted me to email him pictures of my veiny feet). I stop taking pictures of my feet.
Eventually, I figured out the timer. I love seeing my old clothes that I don't have anymore. I've only worn this dress once?
My first Dress Week is in May! I also start to objectively see that certain styles don't suit me (swing jackets, cropped jackets, skirts that are too long). I'm not layering a lot - my outfits are pretty simple, often with a belt or single bold piece of jewelry being my accent piece. My skinny jeans are still in my wardrobe then:
My consignment shopping finds start to appear, as do my first shots of the accessories ("the stuff"). By August, I am getting at least one comment on every post! Kasmira comments! I feel like I've "made it"! My hair starts getting whackadoo.
I also post my craziest outfit so far: what I wore to see Alice Cooper in concert. Not your everyday style! I got 6 comments on that post - the most ever to that point (not counting my own responses to comments).
My glasses snap in half while I'm out shopping - oh, the drama! New spectacles appear, and my very first guest on the blog, Mom:
I post a mini-tour of my closet. I am pushing my own limits on what is appropriate for work by wearing vintage jewelry, sparkly clothing and...pleather pants:
And for the first time, I post a picture of myself when I was fat:
Inspired by Jane (formerly of Work That Wardrobe), I participated in the first Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. Also inspired by her, I begin to ponder a resolution for the New Year...and I start making goofy poses:
I also give out Major Awards!
2009: The year of my Fashion Resolution - no new clothes or shoes! I shopped thrift, consignment, swapped with friends (and strangers at an organized swap event), and got gifts. I feel like this was the turning point for my style, as I got a lot more creative with mixing items.

A series of request posts (including the massive "How to Spice up Your Man's Look" post) yield a huge amount of comments. Wow!

Kitties appear at regular intervals:
More goofy poses, and a speech. Outfits go terribly wrong.
My new thrift/second-hand only shopping starts to yield some amazing pieces, like my python jacket:
I celebrate my first blogoversary by recreating what's left of my first outfit - my hair's getting long:
I stumble upon my Casual Friday rocker uniform, revolutionizing my casual look with layering tees over long-sleeved shirts, adding denim and texture and rocker accessories:
I got recognized for the first time! Vintage dresses are on my radar:
My jewelry box got an airing and I talked about cycling through your clothes for profit at consignment stores.

My yellow boots were acquired, causing a frenzy of Paint-drawing at work:
And I did the Canadian tuxedo: double denim!
The 2nd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge was a blast, and I blogged a whole week of what I ate. I also wore a leather dress to work:
And I got a tattoo:
But I finished my whole year of no new clothes/shoes - and did a recap and gave out some more Major Awards!

2010: I started to blurb about books and reading an hour a day (it's tough going).

I finally figure out how to brighten up my pictures!
My most comments ever (19) came from this outfit:
And here we are! That was so fast...and yet it feels so long. Again, thanks everyone for being here.



  1. Has it realy been two years?!! I think I've been reading you almost from the beginning then, because I recognise several of the early posts.

    Thank you for sharing your wardrobe inspriation/journey (and the cats) with us. I actually wore three accessories today, no doubt due to the influence of fashion bloggers like yourself.

  2. Congratulations on two years of great outfits! You are an inspiration!

  3. *raises a toast*
    heres to 2 years! and many more, we hope.

  4. Sheila, I have been enjoying your journey,watching you evolve also.

    Thanks for sharing-Think I will go dig out some "rocker" wear today, thanks for the inspirations as always!

  5. Wow!! Two whole years--I'm impressed. I really enjoyed your "retrospective"!

  6. HAHAHA!~ I remember thinking "Oh, I LIKE her" when you did that Alice Cooper post!~

    Happy Blogiversary, to one of my favorite Fellow Former Fatties. XOXO

  7. Congratulations on your twi year blogaversary :D

    I love the orange dress that you say you have only worn once????

    CC xXx

  8. congrats on 2 years. amazing to see where you start & how far you progress. really love the yellow boots!

  9. Congrats! I love the time line. Two things that really caught my eye - the orange and yellow outfit! and the python jacket.

  10. I have NO idea if blogger "ate" my comment or if you'll get two from me - but I wanted to weigh in with congratulations on a perpetually inspiring and fascinating blog.

    I came late to your blog, so enjoyed the summary! (It gave me hope that I may ONE day be as consistently stylish as you are--if I patiently keep at it.)

  11. Happy birthday!!! I was looking at the photos and realized that I've seen almost all of them! Those yellow boots! (You know I like them). The vintage dress with The Hat! You never stop to amaze and inspire me!

  12. Kudos on the two years! What a wonderful retrospective this post is- so much fun for those of us who started following you a bit later- In fact, my first time viewing your blog was the Alice Cooper concert outfit, and I totally agree with Work With What You've Got's comment- I too, thought "Ohhh, yayyy! She's a keeper!", and I immediately added you to my bookmarks! Great blog, great pictures and great inspiration. Thank you!
    (and that orange dress looks great on you!)
    Many more happy years to you!

  13. Wow! Love this post it's great to see the transformation. I've really enjoyed all of your posts and am looking forward to reading and seeing more.

    Update on the spicing up of my man... It's a slow process, but with the new job he has to dress business casual so I'm trying to hone in on a look that is comfortable for him and fun for me. I just bought him 2 nice shirts today for $3.00 each. What a bargain. He'll be "home" (in the RV) in a few minutes. I hope he likes them.

    Thank you for all of you inspiration!!

  14. WOW
    How fun... at first glance I though you cut your hair.... Now, after looking at all your pictures and reading your comments.... which I enjoyed ( i laughed at the pervy guy with the foot picture request)!! I have to say my fave was your mom's appearance...
    Congrats !
    and I have to say... sniff! sniff!, Kleenex please.... you were my very first commenter... you have a special place in my heart for that.HUGS!

  15. Love this retrospective. And dying laughing over the veiny feet. People and their crazy fetishes!

    I need to add you to my double denim post.

  16. Congrats! That was a great post to recap. I enjoyed seeing your style progression. Very cool.

  17. Thank you so much, Tessa! You were one of my first commenters - I do appreciate it.

    Northmoon, it has! Thank you for all your kind words. Yay, here's to accessories!

    EvaNadine, thanks! I plan on sticking around. :)

    Erin, another one of my first commenters. Thank you for being here. Aw, that's so sweet - rock on!

    Jane, thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks Erin! Ha, I loved getting all dressed up like that. Thank you so much - right back atcha, darlin'.

    Candycane, thank you! I know, it's just wrong - but it's silk, so it's too delicate for work.

    LaShaune, thank you - I'll be wearing the boots again soon!

    Thanks, Megan, it was fun for me to look back. I loved that orange and yellow, and I wear that jacket all the time.

    Aw, thank you so much, Rebecca. I always appreciate your comments. You're doing great!

    Thanks, Kendra!

    Thank you, Tanya! Yes, you've been commenting a long time - and I do appreciate it.

    Rita, thank you very much. Really, you've been reading that long? I'm so glad you told me - and thank you for commenting!

    Thanks, Alison, it was fun (although time-consuming) to do. Oh, good for you with your man - I hope he likes the shirts! Good bargains! Thank you for all of your kind words over the years.

  18. Ha, Lorena, I'm going short again soon - so don't be surprised! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the retrospective. I had lunch with Mom today and told her she was "famous". Aw...was I? That's so cool, and I'm honoured. Thank YOU for all your kind words. :) *hug*

    Thanks, Wendy - man, my coworkers had a howl over that comment. Yay! I get to be on your blog, how cool.

  19. Thanks, Kiki! I'm glad you enjoyed it - it's been a fun two years.

  20. Hey Sheila...happy blogiversary! I have enjoyed wathcing your blog evolve. You just keep getting better and better. The outfits, the poses, the stories.....loving it. This is my second time commenting, the first time was after I spotted you at "our" favourite thrift shop. Glad you were so gracious when we met as after reading all the comments on Kasmira's blog I was totally surprised by the number of bloggers who cringe at the thoughts of being "spotted".

  21. Sheila, when you responded to my comment, it got me thinking; so I checked, and while the Alice Cooper post was the first one I saw, I didn't see it the day you posted it- I saw it about a year later. So no, I haven't been reading that long, only since fall of 2009- but I still think you're great!

  22. What a great retrospective! It's wonderful that you have a photo record to see how your life and style have changed.

  23. Congrats on two years!! I am so glad you found a casual style that suits you so well, b/c Girl you rock that rocker look!

  24. Rita, that's cool anyway. Thank you for reading and commenting - it makes my day. :)

    Thanks, Couture! I love that part of it - seeing my old outfits is fun.

    Thanks, so much, Tina! I know! How did I not find that look sooner? Thank goodness for the blog.

  25. Congrats! I got a warm fuzzy from your delight in seeing my first comment - but I take much more pride in helping you lighten the pics! I'm so glad that we can see your outfits better these days. It's been awesome to watch your blog evolve.

  26. Aw, thanks, Kasmira! Yes, I neglected to give you credit on that one too, my bad. :)

  27. Wow, two years -- congrats! WHat a fun retrospective.

  28. This entry has been in my browser for a couple of weeks, and I keep going through it and enjoying something new each time. Congrats on your 2-year anniversary, and here's to many more! I love seeing your continuing evolution. And wow, you look SO different from your heavier days. Holy smokes!!

  29. Jennifer, I realize I forgot to acknowledge your comment - my bad! Sorry! It was so cool running into you - that is a treasured memory for me. :) I just got a new dress at "our" thrift shop!

    Kristen, aw, thanks so much!

  30. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Dimi - thank you for reading this old post.


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