Friday, March 5, 2010

3rd Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 5

And here we are, the final day! The last item is worn: the new black zipper pencil skirt:
My usual Casual Friday look of layered long sleeve under graphic tee, plus the rocker chick look of the skirt (don't you just love the zippers all over it?), grey fishnets and the snakeskin wedges.

I wore the belt slung low on my hips, the long gold chain, the green bracelet and of course, the same earrings all week.

It was chilly this morning, so I added some permitted outerwear:
My suede jacket, fingerless gloves, soft scarf and my one bag (I use a knapsack Mon-Thurs for walking to and from work).

Here's the planning outfit:
Click here for my full list of items, info on them, and pictures of the individual pieces.


  1. I'm not sure if I said this the other day you wore the mustard T....but I have been frantically looking for one for many weeks not (at thrift stores, of course). The color is hard to come by for some reason. I NEED one!

    Great outfit. The zippers are quite novel! Do they actually zip and unzip?

  2. looking great ur shoes verymuch..

  3. What a way to end the week - fabulous skirt.
    I will be writing a round-up for next weekend to include everyone who took part.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  4. Perfect. I am with Rebecca, I need a mustard tee RIGHT NOW, thank you very much!

    You absolutely aced this challenge; you wore some very distinct pieces but never the same way twice! I would not have realized this funky graphic tee was the same one that added such a graceful note to the strapless dress a few days earlier. That's some solid work mixing things up. I bow to the master!

  5. Those gray fishnets look great on you, and I love the ecru/gray tee with the mustard sleeves!

  6. Loving this outfit. That skirt is easily the coolest skirt I've ever seen. Loved your capsule wardrobe week - all your outfits were unique from one another, well done!

    Oh and don't you think my cat Penny looks just like Inigo?? They must be related. :)

  7. congrats on making it all 5 days! The zipper skirt is so wild! I love how badass it looks, but you dress it down well.

  8. Rebecca, yes, you mentioned that. It's not a colour out right now, unfortunately - but good luck! No, the zippers are just one side of the teeth - you can see it better on the "Items" post at the beginning of the challenge.

    Thanks, Sak!

    Jane, thank you. Great, looking forward to that!

    Kristen, I guess I am luckier than I realized in finding that top!

    Thanks so much - I really enjoy doing these.

    Jane, thanks!

    Suz, thanks! Isn't it great? I love tuxedo cats - Penny is a cutie-pie!

    Thanks, Megan! I do love a little bit of badass.

  9. I always love this vibe on you. My fave outfit of the week!

  10. This is my fave from the W-Capsule!
    And yes, bodywash counts as perfume... lavander is the same aroma I use as a pillow mist for a good night's sleep !

  11. That skirt is awesome! You look so cozy in all your layered-up outerwear, but not bulky at all.

  12. Thanks, Tina, I love this look too.

    Lorena, aw, thank you! Thanks for clarifying on the bodywash - although it doesn't smell after I'm dried off.

  13. Thanks, Audi - I can't wait to wear it again. I was actually over-warm in my outerwear!


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