Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feed Your Head

Oh, it's late, it's late...but not such an important date. I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" tonight with Elaine. I was supposed to go home right after work, but I fell down the rabbit hole and went for drinks (wine!) after work because Ruth Is Back From Vacation and I missed her.

I barely made it to town - and I discovered that the payphones here don't actually accept change anymore! That's ridiculous. So I begged the pizza place to lend me their phone and I let L know that I was staying in town to go to the movie.

Good thing I had wine. It wasn't a very good movie - I kept waiting for that elusive spark, and alas, it did not come. It was very pretty, though.

But I digress. Because I am tired:
I felt very springy in this. I have tried to do turquoise with this skirt before, rather unsuccessfully.

The lighter turquoise shoes with the not-quite-matching belt and the blue/orange accessories was better this time, I think.
You can't see any of the blue in that shot, but I wanted to pet Inigo.

My hair is unkempt because I walked home.

The stuff:
My necklace is actually a brooch strung on the silver cord, and coincidently, the earrings were a gift from Elaine.

Cardigan (Jacob), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine West), belt (Nygaard), shoes (Le Chateau), brooch (The Bay), earrings (gift from Elaine).


  1. Fabulous shoe color.

    I was dying to see Alice till I read the reviews. Now I have no desire whatsoever.

  2. I totally like the turquoise -every way you wore it!

  3. Ooooh, I really like that with the sunny yellow! I think the turquoise works this time because the outfit is lighter-colored and they are more accent pieces than the primary colors of the outfit. Sweet!

    *pets Inigo* Sweet, sweet kitty.

  4. i love the touches of turquoise with this outfit!

  5. I feel the same way about Alice. It was good, not great. It was missing something.

    But you! You look fantastic. I've been obsessed with blue/orange combos for the past couple of weeks. This is a fantastic outfit.

  6. I have been seeing soo much publicity on this movie I am not sure I will go see it...
    This outfit is soo pretty and the hints of turquoise are perfect.
    Now, here comes an odd question. Do you put clothes on Inigo ? I just thought he would look gorgeous in a red t shirt.

  7. Yes, the soft teal is a far better compliment to the skirt. This looks lovely!

  8. FABULOUS! Loveth the mustard with the teal, and those shoes are soooooo pretty.

  9. Thanks, Wendy. Yeah, don't bother.

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Kristen, it's a funny yellow - it has a lot of green in it. Yes, I agree - the darker teal was too heavy.

    EvaNadine - thanks!

    Megan, it's too bad - I usually really like Tim Burton's movies. Thanks so much - I love orange and blue together.

    Lorena, skip it. Thanks so much. Hahah! No, he's never been dressed up - he's already in his tuxedo. :)

    Thanks, Audi!

    FA, thanks - the top is not really mustard. Hard to describe.

  10. That turquoise with the yellow looks beautiful--I never would have thought of that.

  11. That outfit is awesome. I love the colors.

    I just finally saw Alice on Friday too. I thought it was alright. But I think you're right. It lacked the amazingness I was expecting.

  12. Thanks, Jane! I was really pleased with how this looked.

    Thanks, Rita!

    Thanks, Megan. Too bad about Alice.


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