Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not So Sure - Skinny Pants

I'm not a leggings gal, never have been. However, I'm not averse to skinny pants. Mostly they are not cut to fit my curvy figure and strong thighs, but when I tried these ones on a few weeks ago, they stuck in my mind. I went back and got them last weekend (they were $39.99).
I don't think this is quite the right outfit for them. Maybe flats and a top that comes down lower (like this one?) would work better. I really should have tried stuff on before I packed this outfit.
I like that picture because I'm actually laughing at the cats (sorry it's blurry).

Anyway, I felt pretty good in the pants, even if I didn't quite style them right this time around. Thoughts? Suggestions?

The stuff:
I also had a pair of knee-highs on for part of the day, but I didn't like how they looked and they were kind of snagged so I tossed them.

A close-up of the jewelry:
I love that ring.

Jacket (Jacob), pants (Kensie), shoes (Steve Madden), ring (Fossil), earrings (Plum).


  1. I think the pants are great! And leopard shoes are always chic.

  2. Skinny pants intimidate the hell out of me, but these ones are TOTALLY flattering on you. I say, rock on.

  3. I really like them styled like that. You look curvy and tall! The structured jacket "hides" your curves a bit and the pants show off your legs. I think it's a good balanced outfit.

    And can I say how hot those shoes are!!

  4. Sheila, I think you look gorgeous, but you may prefer a longer top. I had to ease into wearing skinny jeans, and I still feel more confident when I wear them with boots or a tunic-length top - or both. But wearing them with heels works, too. Give that other top a try - I'd love to see it and I'll bet it would work great!

  5. I love the pants on you. I think the pumps are fine with them, but I think flats prob would suit it better. Love your sassy pose!

  6. Like you I've had a look at skinny trousers for work and I couldn't decide how I'd style them :-). They look fab on you, and I look forward to seeing them again, and maybe I'll be inspired!

  7. You look fine in your skinny pants - the earrings and shoes are my favorite pieces of this outfit.

  8. I am not a fan of skinny pants on myself, but I think they work on you. Like you said, try a longer top next time to balance out your proportions better.

    Inigo's such a cutie!

  9. Great colors! Those skinny pants look great on you. My suggestion would be a less structured top and boots.

  10. I think they look great just like this, but I know what you mean about feeling self-conscious in skinnies. I generally wear mine with tunics and feel less exposed.

  11. I think you look great in skinny pants !
    Not everyone does :)
    I am not a fan of the skinnies with heels, but it's just me - so i would have preferred to see you in flats.

  12. Well first off you lok fabulous, so tall and thin! I like the suggestions about trying the pants with a less structured top, or with flats...personally I think the tunic and/or boots look with skinny pants is great but they may as well be leggings, you know? I'd want to take advantage of the lovely silhouette you create in these pants, not cover it all up. Er I don't mean I'D take advantage of YOUR know what I mean.

  13. I love the skinnies on you! I like how you've styled them here, though I agree with other commenters that they'd also look great with something less structured on top; I'm thinking a cowl neck, perhaps. I think the heels are great; you could even go with a taller heel if you wanted to elongate your legs even more.

  14. I think you look fantastic in them! I like them with the heels, but they would look cute with flats for a more casual look.

  15. Thanks, Wendy - I agree, leopard is the best!

    Closet, thanks so much!

    Megan, thank you. I love the shoes.

    Kari, yes, I agree - I have very few long tops, though! I did try this with boots, but it felt too casual. Maybe for a Friday. I think I will try the pants with that other top.

    Hilary, thanks! I was trying not to look too casual, but I like flats with them too.

    Tat, I'm still experimenting (you would look great in these!). That's the fun of this blog - to try new things.

    Rebecca, thanks!

    Kristen, I hear ya...I was very cautious about these. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thanks, Anonymous.

    Thanks, Sal - looks like I will need to find some longer tops.

    EvaNadine, thank you.

    Lorena, thanks! I think maybe these were not quite the right heels. It was an off day.

    Sherylyn, thanks, hon! Yes, I was trying to avoid the legging look. Heh, I know what you mean. :)

    Thanks, Audi. I almost did a cowl neck, so maybe I will try that next. I did try a higher heel, but needed to stay lower due to the visiting VP in my department.

    Thanks, Chris! I will try them with flats.

  16. Ooooo, those skinny pants look AMAZING on you!!! One of my favorite-ist looks on you yet.


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