Monday, March 15, 2010

Worky-Work, Busy Bee!

I've hit a dilemma: most of my tights are toast. Runs in them, big snags where they've rubbed on boots, big holes where I've put my fingers through them. But do I really want to buy a bunch more tights now? Maybe just some black ones...there aren't many left in the stores.

Anyway, this dilemma led me to wear pants today:
I know! I never wear pants. I don't really like them much. I do like these ones, though - of course, they are from Esprit, source of the best-fitting pants for me.

Preppy is not one of my usual looks, so I threw on the heavy chain necklace, and the bigass belt:
And my green shoes!

The stuff:
The shoes are more green in daylight - they never quite photograph well. And who's that over by the earrings? It's Johnny Big Hands!

Okay, so he's not actually 1" tall - I measured and he's 1 3/8" tall:
Blurry, sorry.

If you're interested, click here for some figures that I've painted (and a few earlier ones that I like) since I started doing this blog (there are a few pages if you click through, including shots of our painting area, which is on my right when I'm on the computer). You can see the process and how much work goes into them. I've painted about 2,500 in the last 13 years or so - my painting has slowed down a lot in the last 5 years. I used to paint about one a week. We have display cases of them all over the house.

What can I say, I'm a geek!

Vest (Esprit), shirt (Pink Martini, consignment), pants (Esprit), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), necklace (Nine West, gift from Cindy), belt (Plum).


  1. Cute pants! I love dress pants. I've hit an odd body point where I haven't found anywhere that sells pants that fit me right though.

    I love how you wore the belt and necklace to tone down the 'preppiness' the big belt really helped pump everything up.

    (and how cool, the word verification for this is "faves" lol)

  2. Your legs look so long in those pants.You should rock them more often!

  3. Way to go! You made those pants work for you. By the way, my tights and other leg ware have gone the way of yours. Why can't I just throw them out instead of trying to get just one more wear out of them????

    I went to see your other painted figurines. My goodness! You are talented (and patient)! I'd have nightmares with them in the house, but obviously they are well done and quite an impressive collection! I'm truly impressed.

  4. I hear ya - so many tights are on their way out now. Way to rock the widelegs, and I ADORE that belt!

  5. Love
    this look on you......... you look sooooo talllllllllll
    These pants fit you perfectly I would wear them more..
    OMG! I had no idea Johnnny big hands was so small.. you got some good eyesight for painting in such small detail!

  6. Miss Sheila Long Legs! Woo! I love these pants on you.

    I think the preppy works very well with the rocker accessories. I love the contrast. Once upon a time, I shunned all traces of preppiness, my style was rocker/ gothy/ club chick and work wear was just the same but less hoochy and plainer. Somewhere along the line, more recently, I acquired a love of preppiness. I think it tickles me to dress preppy when I know I am not...I like juxtaposition...but realized pre-haircut that there was no juxtaposition left, just a whole lot of soccer-momness. I think having hair (or accessories!) that rock it up are essential and make for a very interesting look.

  7. I agree with FTM- those pants DO make your legs look miles long! The belt (which I covet!) at the natural waist helps, too. But if you carried Johnny Big Hands and friends with you always and set them down next to you every chance you got, your legs would always look extra long, no matter what you wore!
    (What's that, Alice? The tag says "Drink Me?")
    But I digress...

    On the tights front, my 'go to' plain black or brown tights (especially for off season and/or emergencies) are L'Eggs Microfiber Tights- they are carried at drug and grocery stores here in the US, and they seem to stock them all year round. I find them to be quite sturdy, and soft; all-in-all, not bad for an inexpensive pair o' tights.

  8. You look stunning today. You don't wear pants very often, but look is a show stopper!

  9. Megan, I hear ya - I've never quite fit pants right. I've got a small waist, wide hips, big thighs and I'm too short for regular length and too long for petites. Thanks! I love that belt.

    Kim, thanks so much! I will!

    Wendy, glad to be of service.

    Thanks, Rebecca. I reassure myself that I will find more fab tights next year, and that I have lovely pictures of all the cool ones from this year. Thank you so much for your kind words about my figures - we keep them out of cats' reach, mostly in display cases.

    Sal, thanks!

    Lorena, you're so funny - thank you! I am still a skirt gal at heart, though.

    Ha, thanks, Sherylyn! I agree - I also used to avoid preppy almost completely (I think I owned a Kraft Dinner yellow Polo shirt in high school, but I wore it with green hair and black skinnies). Lol, I love your descriptions.

    Thanks, Rita! Ha, I think I will leave Johnny Big Hands at home. Nice "Alice" reference. Yeah, I've seen plain black and brown around, but those are always the ones I can find in the stores! I want fun ones!

  10. I just found this place, so I have not ordered here, but I've ogled plenty!
    Awesome fun tights but without the instant gratification aspect. (and no thrill of ferreting out a great markdown...) Plus, $ spent on tights now merely detracts from $ to be spent on more springlike diversions. But as a resource, I thought I'd pass it along!
    (And since I've had a couple pair, I can attest to the EG Smith tights fitting pear or hourglass shaped gals very well.)

  11. i missed a few posts..noww im back ..looking ur pants a lot

  12. Thanks, Rita - I really appreciate the link. :) I never shop online, though - diehard "in person" shopper here.

    Aw, thanks, Sak!


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